Japanse Families and the Remains of the "Disgraced"

One thing that always struck me as odd, in reading the biography of Preston Tucker was the story of his engineer, Jimmy Sakuyama. Sakuyama, according to the book, had somehow managed to disgrace himself in the eyes of his family, and was shunned by them. When he died, however, he left instructions for his family to be contacted and they (or their representatives) showed up to claim his remains.

This seems a bit odd to me. I would think that if he was an outcast, they wouldn’t want anything to do with him, but then again, my understanding of Japanese culture is limited to Godzilla movies and the like, so I could well be wrong on the matter.

Would they have come to claim the remains? Or would they just have preferred that his body be disposed of in whatever manner the state chose?

Bumping this, as I’m puzzled too.