Jason Mraz, you are the awesome

Yeah, I know I’m supposed to spell it “teh”, but I’m not gonna, and you can’t make me.

But anyway…

Check out this performance of that “I’m Yours” song. I had a very healthy resistance to Jason Mraz for quite a long time, but damn if that performance didn’t convert me.

Opposing views are welcome, as long as you understand that I’m gonna love this rendition of the song no matter what you say :wink:

I’d indifferent to his music, but having met him, I find him to be a complete and utter jerk. The experience was sour enough to turn me off to his music entirely.

YMM(and clearly does)V :wink:

Well, fair enough. I’ve never met the guy, so you absolutely have a better perspective than I do regarding his personality. Definitely sorry to hear that. But, I still do dig that performance I referenced…