I Loathe The Song "Lucky" By Jason Mraz And Colbie Caillat

Not since the wretched song “American Pie” have I had such a strong loathing for a song as this piece of crap.

This song is so sickeningly sweet it can cause diabetes simply by listening to it.

The lyrics “…you’ll feel the music fill the air, I’ll put a flower in your hair…” make Hallmark Cards greeting cards seem edgy in comparison.

The melody sounds like something The Wiggles turned down because it was too insultingly sing-song even for their core audience of kindergartners.

My gut feeling is this song was only released because Guantanamo Bay prison is closing and they no longer needed to use it to force confessions out of people. Locking someone in a room and playing this song would have made even Mother Theresa confess to genocide to get it to stop.

If it were physically possible to vomit Donny and Marie Osmund out of your mouth, this song is what it would sound like.

In case I am being too subtle, suffice it to say I loathe this song.

I loathe EVERYTHING that comes out of that disgusting, untalented, worthless hack called Jason Mraz.

He is seriously contributing to the decline of pop music with every new “song” he releases.

ETA - here’s a video of my friend Nick Hagelin performing a highly-improved version of I Can’t Believe It by T-Pain

Word. If that guy isn’t the personification of Pussy, I don’t who is. Oh wait, yes I do; The Plain Shite Tees*, but I’ll concentrate on the douchebag at hand so as not to highjack your thread.

The only thing I hate worse than freakin’ Jason Mraz is freakin’ Jason Mraz singing a duet with that vapid bint Colbie Callait. I know the term stabby has become passe but that’s the absolute perfect way to describe how I feel when I hear this dreck. I just shudder to think how may fools are going to be playing this song at their wedding.

*Just when you thought you were safe from “Hey There Delilah” you now get to deal with horror that is “One, Two, Three, Four”