Jason Pohl is finally ready to kick some OCC ass.

After all these years Jason Pohl is ready to go postal on Senior and the rest of the staff.

You really don’t want to piss off a computer nerd. :smiley: I recall Jason going Apeshit over his CAD station locking up a few seasons ago. Threw the monitor and keyboards across the room. :eek:

You seen the promos of him slinging an uncompleted bike off the bench lift?

Normally I’d be a bit worried about a show of temper like that. But, Senior still has those 20 inch guns. He can stomp Jason’s ass with one arm tired behind his back. Plus there’s at least six other muscular men in the shop to pin him down.

Should be an interesting American Chopper next week. If what we are seeing is real then I’d predict Jason is on unemployment right now. You don’t pull shit like this on the job.

No one else is watching the American Chopper marathon this afternoon?

They’ve ran the Jason promo five times an hour since 11 this morning.

If that Prom is real OCC is in deep trouble. Jason is the only bike designer they have. He took over after Paulie left.

Finding a graphic artist that is that good with CAD and knows motorcycle design? That’s tough to fill. A lot of Jason’s drawings can be loaded directly into the CNC and Waterjet machines to cut out the parts. He’s as much a machinist as designer now.

The marathon was yesterday for me. Today the show ended at it’s normal afternoon time.

Will be interesting to see how quickly he gets fired for pushing (Slinging is a bitch of a stretch lol) the unfinished bike to the ground.

Jason is a hack. It’s one thing to put something on paper, it’s another to translate that to a physical object. It’s been shown the past few episodes with the handlebars and the exhaust. Didn’t Rick even say that Jason needed to get out of his office and start fabricating in the hopes that his designs wouldn’t cause the builders so many issues?

I’d rather have a bike from PJD than a bike that was born from idears drawred by Jason Pohl.

I haven’t seen the promo in question but I wouldn’t be surprised if it was just creative editing. Jason has his head so far up Sr’s ass that he would never do something to jeopardize his job. Remember a few weeks ago when the promos hinted that Rick was leaving OCC for PJD, and then the episode aired and Rick stayed put? Same thing here. Discovery is just looking to boost ratings, and what a beter way to do than hinting Jason is going to turn against his “Daddy.”

Remember, this is on tonight.

We’ll see just how much creative editing there was and if Jason actually goes crazy.

I finally did see the promo and I take back my comment about creative editing. It just seems so strange that Jason would do something like that. Yes, there’s been a little friction between him and the fabricators, but there’s been no indication of friction between Jason and Sr. It will be interesting to see how it all goes down.

I stand by my other comments.

If it is an elaborate joke, then it’s a very expensive one. Even if they were totally scrapping the design. The motor and frame are expensive and worth reusing. The motor especially is usually not modified at all for any design.

Shoving that bike off that lift probably ruined at least a few thousand bucks worth of components with the engine, frame, and other non-modified parts.

Here is Jason’s temper tantrum after his CAD station froze a couple years ago. Dude has a temper.

I caught a little of his meltdown tonight during dwts commercials. Didn’t see what Senior did after Jason’s freak out. Did he suspend him from work, fire him? It’ll repeat in a little bit and I’ll find out.

After the tantrum there was some yelling and swearing back and forth. Senior ordered Pohl back to the office to start the redesign. After Pohl calmed down they had a talk and everything was good.

Most telling to me was Rick’s reaction. He was pissed! He said something about going back to the way things used to be, not making bikes that looked the same except for paint, not making bikes from a drawing. He said it’s been an issue since Junior left.

Listen for Nub’s take on the bikes PJD makes later in the show and how they go along with Rick’s comments. Taken with the comments about the incident as discussed by the guys at PJD it’s almost like the producers are setting something up. Maybe Rick really is leaving OCC?

I wouldn’t be surprised if Rick does eventually leave. Either to PJD or his own shop.

Senior must be on his meds. He didn’t react to Jason’s tantrum hardly at all. That’s not the guy I remember screaming at Paulie. But, I’ve noticed Senior has a much more respectful & professional approach in the shop since Paulie left. Senior seems more like the guy that successfully started and ran the Ironworks for almost thirty years. He’s firm but also very calm & professional. Right now Jason is his only designer. Senior needs him. At least until they can hire someone else.

What pissed me off is that Sr didn’t chuck Jason’s ass out for his tantrum, wheras he would if Paulie or any of the crew would have pulled that stunt. He would have ripped Paulie a new ass for weeks.

I never could stand Jason. He always seemed like a snarky little douchebag and the feeling’s gotten stronger since the show is Sr vs Jr.

And something my husband has said—does it seem that every chance Sr has, he cuts PJD or Paulie and Mikey down, but you hardly ever hear them or anyone else associated with them do the same? Yeah, it might be for the ratings but still, it shows who has more class.