Java for Ice Cream Sandwich

What Java Runtime Environment apps are there for Android Ice Cream Sandwich?

I got my wife an android tablet, which she loves. (Tech is better than flowers for her.) But, certain websites she would use to relax ( a jigsaw puzzle one is her fave) have to have JRE in order to work. On the Win7 and XP computers we have, no prob. On her tablet, tho, we are both stumped.

Any apps, free or low cost, and your experience with them are appreciated.

Or, maybe you know of a good jigsaw puzzle app?

On a side note, but not worth an extra thread, um…, I thought Android was a Java language platform. Why would it not run JRE right out of the box? Obviously, I’m missing something in my understanding.

No Java support. The JRE is too resource intensive for a tablet.

Android uses the Java language to program in, but it’s compiled down to it’s own bytecode and runs on a custom VM called Dalvik. Neither are compatible with the Java VM.

See the ongoing lawsuit by Oracle against Google. Oracle is annoyed they didn’t use the official library and vm but instead use an open source library and wrote their own vm. Google is being sued claiming the Java language is copyrighted, amongst other things.

Wow! I had no idea. Thanks.

I’ll just look for an Android jigsaw puzzle app for her to play.

There was a mobile version of Java, Java ME, but Android and iPhone have never supported it. I think it was fairly limited and I’m not sure if it could even run applets. I believe Nokia was a big supporter.

And the decision just came down against Oracle.

My reaction to this thread:

“Java? Ice cream sandwich?? THAT SOUNDS AWESO- oh it’s a tech thread.”

Dammit, technology, stop naming your shit after delicious food.

ETA: Although I suppose it’s not being in Cafe Society should’ve given me the first clue. Oh well.

Yeah, I did that on purpose. I knew the techies would know and everyone else would go hungry! (old Blues Bros song flashback)

In that case I hate you!


I have had 2 Tablets and found that they will not run JAVE RTE with the Android 4.0 Ice Cream sandwich OS. I’ve talk to tech support at Samsung and ASUS and also ORACLE [The manufacture of JAVA] and they say at this time there isn’t going to be any change in it to make it work on any of the Tablets with Android system. So to get around this I suggest you do like I did and buy a netbook with Windows 7 or Windows 8 in it. :dubious:

Thanks! :slight_smile:

To update, Beowulf gave me the info I needed a year and a half ago. I have since found plenty of other options.