Java/Tomcat/JSP Question

Despite my total lack of Java experience, a project I’m working on requires me to write JSP pages. I have managed to get the pages to work on my own computer, on which I installed a freeware JSP server called “Blazix.”

However, when I move the pages to my server, which runs Tomcat as its JSP server, (and is conveniently located 3000 miles away) and try to run them, I get an error that says the pages won’t compile.

The first line of the exception report, which I believe is the important issue here, is:

My questions, for someone familiar with Tomcat and Java in general are:

What files do I need to put on the server to provide it with the sqlConnection class?


Where do I put them?
Please bear in mind that my Java/Tomcat skills are pretty thin. If you dont’ think I’m even asking the right question, feel free to let me know.


I don’t know anything about Blazix, but I did a quick search and “sqlConnection” appears to be a Blazix custom JSP tag. If that’s the case, I don’t think you’d be able to get it to work just like that with Tomcat. You might be able to dump the Blazix tag library into Tomcat but I’ve never tried anything like that.

What does the jsp do? What database are you using, and where is it located? Does it actually make a database connection anywhere?

sqlConnection is a Blazix custom JSP tag and I did throw the tag library into Tomcat. :frowning:

I’m connecting to an MS SQL database, or at least trying to.

Does Tomcat have a tag library I can try to use instead? I don’t see anything, but it’s a bit of a mess on the server (not my fault, I inherited this mess).