Javaman remembers to ask a question he's had for >10 yrs--What's a Baby Queue?

Math AND CS Majors: Often while perusing my old UCLA course catalog, I’ve notice that the entry for one of the CS courses says that it covers “baby queues”.

I wasn’t a CS major but I’ve been working and reading in the field for a long time. I haven’t been able to learn what a baby queue is, however.

This is a papa queue: Q
This is a mama queue: Q
This is a baby queue: q


Not sure what this has to do with CS or Match, but there is a picture of Baby Queue here. Somehow, I don’t think that is what the textbook had in mind.

That was supposed to be Math, not Match.

The UCLA on-line catalog still refers to “baby queueing theory.” Check out course #112 and #212A.

Now, that’s queuet!

Well, you’ve heard of a barbecue, right? Same idea.

Ive never heard of a baby queue and I spent a decent amount of time in queueing theory. Since it seems to be offered in a fairly introductory class, I doubt it is a complex category of queue.

my best guesses.

  1. It’s some UCLA profs pet theory about the usefulness of some type of queue he likes.
  2. It just refers to all simple queues.
  3. It’s another name for a birth-death process.

I’ll look through my old collection of CS books tonight.