Javascript Slide Show

Im trying to make a website that has a slide show on it. All I want is a nice picture box in the middle, a left button, a right button and a small header on top. That way the viewer can click through the pictures manually. Any ideas?? Thanks!

      • Do you mean you want somebody to write it for you? Does it have to be on the page or in an applet? Right offhand, it’d be easiest to know how many pictures you would have and write it for that many. Also, it may not look that good if the images aren’t displayed in their native size (the javascript can enlarge and shrink images just like HTML, but it looks lousy just like HTML too)…

The simplest structure would just be to have two Forms with Submit buttons that load up different pages. You’d need about two lines of code. Will that do, or do you want something more complicated?

Here’s a couple:

here’s another one:

here’s a nice looking one:

Oh heck… just search “javascript “slide show”” on google :slight_smile:

have fun!

Thanks guys. I was using google to search but i just wasnt finding exactly what i wanted. Of course 5 seconds after posting i stumbled across the right script. Thanks for the info though.