Attn: VB Programmers and/or Director 7 Gurus

I’m creating a simple little online interactive quiz that my band’s singer wrote. Basically a “Celebrity Deathmatch” sorta thing without an extreme level of animation.

I’ve got small 100x100 pixel images of each person. The animation just consist of each picture sliding in from the side of the screen. Then, the user picks whichever they think should win. For a “correct” answer they get points, for “incorrect” they lose points.

It’s seems kinda simple, but I don’t know if you can set variables like that in Director 7.

If not, how easy is it to do animation in VB, if at all possible?

I know this is do-able, but I’m just stuck…

You could use Slide Show code in HTML to do it - just label each picture, then have the Slide Show code flash each picture on the screen in succession. They can watch each one appear, then pick which ever one they wanted.

Thanks! :smiley:

I’m a pretty experienced HTML user, however have never heard of Slide Show code. Got any helpful links where I can learn a few tips? Also, can you keep a running total as a user clicks through the quiz pages?

Check out this link:

It’s Javascript, not HTML, but it looks like it would get the job done more easily than writing it in HTML.

Thank you again! This should do the trick! :smiley: