Jay Leno, see you in September

Tonight was the last ‘Tonight Show with Jay Leno’. Conan and James Taylor were his guests. Any thoughts? Will you be watching in September? I’m looking forward to Conan taking the reins on Monday.

I thought the show was pretty lackluster. That was a nice bit at the end with the kids, though. I’ll admit that I made a special effort to tune in tonight for the last show, and it was somewhat disappointing. I’m looking forward to Conan, too.

I could never stand to watch Conan; he has some funny stuff, but is too snarky and into himself for my taste. On the other hand, I assume that he (or his handlers) is smart enough to cater to the tastes of his new audience…TRM

I don’t know if you saw the show tonight, but there Conan addressed this tonight. I’m looking forward to seeing the rest of his bit where he disguises himself to conduct a show test panel.

I’m not much of a Leno or Conan fan, but it was nice seeing James Taylor again. And the kids. And OMFG, those Jaywalking idiots!

I meant to record this, but forgot. Oh well, I haven’t seen a late show in many years, so I guess missing one more won’t hurt me. It doesn’t feel as momentous as when Carson ended his reign. I’m not sure why.

I’m not a Conan fan at all. When they ran him on Comedy Central I tried him and was underwhelmed. There is no way to explain why something is funny, but man I just do not get why people think he is.

It was decent. The kids at the end was a little saccharine, but it was nice and a good thought to include people who came together from the show.

It was interesting to see what Jay and Conan looked like 17 years ago. Wow, it’s been a long time. Conan looked nervous on stage next to Jay. And that hair.

Man, does he ride the hell out of the Jay Walking bit. Makes you feel sorry for people to see how dumb they look. I hope (pray) that they’re nervous because they have cameras on them, but man do they look stupid with those bad answers.

The main thing that drives that bit is that people are:

  1. Nervous, mentally unprepared to be quizzed, and under quick time pressure.


  1. Told to guess an answer if they aren’t sure.


  1. Are more or less basic idiots.

That was kind of an awkward show. He would look away from the camera every time he mentioned Conan. You could tell this wasn’t how he wanted to end his run at the Tonight Show. And NBC is definitely trying to sweep these changes under the rug; did you see the commercial where the showed Jay, Conan, Fallon and Carson Daly composited together, under the banner “America’s Late Night Leader”? Yes, 10pm is now Late Night.

And man, Conan looks like he’s aged about 10 years since February. He needs to stay out of the sun.

Saccharine was the right word for the bit with the kids (thanks), but it still got to me. Kudos to Jay for having an ego-less final show - none of it was about him, he made it about everyone else. Having James Taylor play an old song that was special to him once is the kind of reality that I’d like to see more of on late night TV. It shouldn’t always be about pushing the next album or movie.

ETA: I haven’t seen Conan since the writer’s strike, and holy crap he’s really losing his hair! That lovely pompadour (his image!) isn’t long for this world. The red beard was very awesome; maybe it should make a comeback in a few years.

I rarely watch Leno but tuned in this week to see Dwight Yoakam. Dwight made a point of thanking Leno, saying that he always stands at the side of the stage and watches the musical acts, giving them his attention. I thought that was nice – nice of Dwight to mention it and nice of Leno to do it.

I guess it is just sort of sad in a “one more sign I am getting older” kind of way.
Johnny Carson leaving was an end of an era, and now Leno leaving…sort of like closing another chapter in my television watching routine.

I don’t hate Conan, but will most likely not watch either him or Letterman unless they have some special guest I want to see - I find them both kind of juvenile in humor. What some find funny, I think is just stupid. Count me as one old fart who will change viewing habits and maybe start watching news or movies instead.

Will be interesting to see how Jay’s 10:00 show turns out - I hear he is revamping the entire concept of the show.

Are you old enough to remember the humor of Jack Parr? Especially when he’d bounce off Jonathon Winters? The humor dynamic really has changed.*
*Okay, it was w-a-y past my bedtime back then. But in occasional reruns I realize the humor would have been over my head at the time.

I was embarrassed last night, because I think for the first time I didn’t know one of the super-easy Jaywalking questions. The question was about a pastry named after a French emperor. I guessed Napoleon (because really, who else would it be?), but I have never heard of a Napoleon. Seen 'em, but never knew they were called that. Is that very commonly known??

I didn’t know that one, either. I would have guessed “Bonapartes” if I had to guess.


  1. They edit out the ones who know the answers

I did something like this for a local access trivia show back in Burlington. We went out and about, and asked people to name the 7 dwarves, the members of the Supreme Court, and/or at least 5 of the Red Sox players. Lots of people got the answers right (and won a small prize), but we edited the hell out of it and presented a mix of the various answers from the people who had no clue. :stuck_out_tongue:

You forgot:

  1. Know that only a stupid answer is going to get them on TV.

I am a sucker for sap…so I loved the kids thing at the end.

I liked Conan’s last show more than Jay’s, but I think the overall attitude towards it is “Well you’re not REALLY going anywhere so, see you I guess.”

Very good overall though, in a great grand cosmic way I owe a lot of…now…to Jay and Conan. When I needed to laugh, to forget, they were there. So from a personal standpoint this kinda does mean something to me.

It was a mediocre final show. Just like Leno’s entire run on the Tonight Show.

Here it is at NBC.com.

I haven’t thought Tonight was funny for a while now, though I never hated Jay. From all accounts, he can be very funny, just not on such a “mainstream” show. Plus everything about him screams class act, including the finale last night. I’ll probably only watch one or two episodes but wish him well.

And now I’ll just be frustrated having to choose between Conan and Letterman. Though I’m glad Craig Ferguson is running unopposed. (Yes, he is.)