Jaycee Duggard pictures and interview

A lot of people are curious about this case so here you go.


No comments on this story?

I read that even though she did not go to school past 5th grade herself her 2 kids read at their grade level. She did a good job of home schooling them.

I haven’t read the article, but it’s not an actual interview with Jaycee, right? I thought she had just released the photo and nothing more. Good for her, because she must be getting tons of lucrative offers.

The fact that she’s getting hounded for book deals is disgusting to me. She might as well be back in the yard.

It’s not an interview, just a statement. Oprah has said she really wants to interview her and I am sure the big networks have called too. I guess she will eventually talk to someone.

I hope not.

Why not? Because you think it’s further exploitation of her or do you think she’s some kind of media whore?(not being snarky; honest question).

So Reese Witherspoon will be playing her in the movie, I suppose.

Would a movie deal be worth more than a book deal?

After all she’s been through, I don’t blame her at all for capitalizing on it.

I wouldn’t begrudge Jaycee doing an interview or book when the time is right for them, but she and her daughters need plenty of time for adjustment without the glare of the media.

Because I think it’s grotesque exploitation. There isn’t anything the public needs to know about this girl’s suffering. It disgusts me that people like Oprah want to put her on TV and get her tell all the gritty details about being kidnapped as a child and being raped and turned into a sex slave just to boost their own ratings. It’s nasty and callous and voyeristic, and not much less predatory and exploitive than what he kidnapper did.

I personally don’t want to know what happened to her in that yard. That shit is way too personal and private. This woman and her kids are the definition of victims who need to be left the fuck alone, not badgered to submit to sleazy, public inquisitions. What kind of a slimeball wants to know the sordid details anyway.

The thought of Oprah, or Katie Couric or anybody leaning over this girl like a vulture saying, “…and how did that make you feel?” is extremely distasteful to me. how do you THINK it made her feel, you fucking bottom feeders? Leave her the fuck alone.

Nicely put. I couldn’t agree more.

I find all the attention on her disgusting, but if she wants to earn some money by telling her story, I won’t hold it against her or anyone else.

I would hold it against anyone else making money but her.

Let me ask this – is there anyone here who wants to hear the dirty details of what happened to her? Why?

The issue of People for this week has Elizabeth Smart on the cover talking about the Dugard case. I wonder if was that planned or it just worked out that way?

I don’t mind her making money - she has to pay for a lot of therapy. I don’t think Oprah or similar people are going to ask her for details.

Dude, maybe one or two folks will reply Yes, but not nearly at the rate that is accurate. It’s human nature - it’s what leads to rubber-neckers / looky-lou’s when there is a car accident.

Quote from **Don Henley’s **song Dirty Laundry:

I respect and totally agree with your perspective, but are you the least bit surprised that there is a market for her story or that many, many people - in a small, little place they may not want to acknowledge - *do *want to hear it?

If humans are involved there is bound to be something yucky and/or inefficient going on under the surface…

Elizabeth Smart was never asked for details by media but she just testified in court this month. All the media reported on her testimony was that she was raped which was not news. She did the Larry King show but not right away.

The hell they won’t ask for details. What else would be the point? Just a bunch of “how does that make you feel” porn? Even that would stil be exploitive and self-serving. I would love to see this woman tell the media jackals to fuck off, but I’m sure she’ll get browbeaten into submission. She doesn’t exactly have a lot of experience with being able to say no. The media will always get its sloppy seconds on victims like this.

Can anyone name one single thing the public needs to know about this woman or her kids?

I take it you didn’t see her inquisition by Nancy Grace.

Elizabeth Smart was too asked for details by the media. She just refused to give them.

I’m not surprised by the market for it, but I’m still disgusted by the willingness of the media to feed it – especially when it’s invariably done with such a disingenuous, hypocritical air of “caring.” If they cared, they’d leave victims like this alone.