Jazz -- Accoustic Bass

I have heard bits and pieces – probably on The Weather Channel – of what seemed to be solo jazz bass (upright). Do you know of any such recordings?

If not, can you recommend good jazz CD’s that feature bass?

I don’t know any good CDs of jazz bass purely by itself. As for bass soloists in jazz ensembles, anything with Paul Chambers in it is worth a listen. I’d recommend Eddie Gomez as well.

Great first choice - Miles Davis’ Kind of Blue. The first track features some beautiful airy piano chords by Bill Evans, then resolves into the song, led by Mr. Chambers’ bassline. Pretty much the place to start…

I am a big Ray Brown fan, too…

The greatest bassist now working is David Pilch. He’s the bassist for k.d. lang, Mary Margaret O’Hara, Holly Cole, Jane Siberry, Eddie Reader, and many many others.

His collaboration with Mary Coughlan on “I Want to Be Seduced,” just him and her, is my personal favorite version of that song. Check out any Holly Cole Trio album–especially Girl Talk, which you can’t get in the U.S.–for some amazing bass-and-vocal ensemble work.

One of the preeminent jazz bassists working at the moment is Dave Holland. He’s a great bandleader–check out Points of View or Prime Directive for great examples of him leading a group.

Also check out Holland’s inspiration, the great Charles Mingus: try Mingus Ah Um or Mingus at Antibes.

When it comes to unaccompanied bass, a little usually goes a long way. You might try some of Ron Carter’s solo bass albums (e.g. Piccolo,) or perhaps Telephone, which teams Carter with guitarist Jim Hall. (Holland also has a couple of solo bass albums.)

Aye, ere’s a dandy wun:

You might like Superbass . Ray Brown, Christian McBride, and John Clayton playing together.


Thanks for the suggestions. I will follow up on them.

My husband introduced me to Kind of Blue by Miles Davis about thirty years after it was recorded. Truly amazing.