Je taime Montreal! Or "Poutine blows chunks!"

Or should I say, Poutine is chunks! - well, okay…french fries with chunks in 'em…nasty, nasty stuff!

Anyhoo - just got back from Halloween weekend in Montreal (my first time there, even tho’ I’ve been to Canada a number of times), and may I just say what an absolutely charming city with enchanting people and a really cool scene!

Parts of it remined me of Sydney (the Victorian architecture and the friendliness of the natives), other parts reminded me a little of Louisville, KY, strangely enough…

Quartier Latin, Old Montreal, Rue St. Laurent, Rue St. Denis, Rue St. Catherine… I miss them already! Great shopping, great restaurants - who knew we have our own little Europe right here in North America - go fig!

Anyway, I am absolutely smitten with this city, oh, and did I mention the cute French-Canadien boyz?
Viva la Montreal!


You didn’t LIKE the poutine? Hot fries, steaming gravy and soft, melted curd cheese all gooey all over it??? That’s it, you aren’t welcome back! :smiley:

I love Montreal too, and can’t wait to move there next year. It is a beautiful city, and that “old soul” it has just makes it that much more appealing. Oh, and I’m sitting next to a darling French-Canadien boy, and he IS cute…mmmmmm!

Vive Montréal!

Why, yes…I do like my guys with steaming gravy and soft, melted curd cheese all gooey all over it???

Oh, wait.
What did you say?

Agreed. However, you don’t know nasty until you’ve had Japanese poutine.

So, [sub]ahem[/sub] how are you doing?

twists hair around finger
Um, fine…

Glad to hear you enjoyed yourself. Does this mean we can expect you at this spring’s SugarDope or next summer’s Doperéal ?
One small correction, if you think Montréal reminds you of Europe, wait 'til you get to Québec City !

Yeah. What detop said. Come to Sugardope and/or Doperéal 2004.

I mean, I’m coming down to NYC Megadope again in January, and you’ll just adore me, LolaCC, so you’ll have to come up and see me again. :wink:

Note to self: Finish preparing “Montréal: Your 2004 Dopefest Destination” campaign material in time for NYC Megadope. Song is written and recorded, slideshow almost done - order buttons!

That might work, Scott, were she ever to grace the NYC dopers with her carbonated presence. But so far she has assiduiously avoided us and our silly little gatherings.

It was so sad waking up this morning and realizing that I wasn’t in Montreal anymore…:frowning:

So I hear! I can’t wait until my next visit up North - QC is definitely on the itin.

And, yes, Mr. Evil & Billdo, you can certainly expect to see me at this year’s NYC Mega-Dopefest and most certainly Dopereal!

Montréal… Québec… French-Canadian women… ::le sigh::

Damn those great buses I see in the streets of Toronto, with their sign ‘La Québecoise’ in swirling letters, mixing with the flowing hair of the beautiful woman in the logo.

There’s a reason I’m taking French lessons.