Jean Auel's new book?

I heard a rumor that Jean Auel will be releasing a new book soon. I did a quick Google search, and found nothing.

Does anyone know if Ayla will be developing Bronze Age civilization any time soon?

I don’t see anything listed on or on

I’ve basically given up on the series since Shelters of Stone - I was just about there with Plains of Passage, but I thought I’d give it one more try. Unfortunately, it was a waste of my time IMHO.

Forget about the Bronze Age civilization – what are the Bronze Age sex scenes like?


I’m trying to get rid of the first four books. I enjoyed them for years, then abruptly (it seemed), I couldn’t stand to read them anymore. Maybe it was that ex I had who told me he tried to model his sexual life after Jondalar’s. :smiley:

I still like them - in spite of the cheezy sex scenes. I didn’t think Shelters of STone was as good as the earlier ones, but also didn’t think it was a complete waste. I am still interested in reading the denouement of this series.

There’s an official Jean Auel website somewhere, and they keep the audience somewhat up to date on rumors and when the actual new book will appear. I like the series also, but tend to skip the rather overdone sex scenes. I just like the imaginative stories of what life might have been like back then.

Am I the only one who didn’t know that ‘Clan of the Cave Bear’ was made into a film in '86?


It sounds terrible. Has anyone actually seen this, and would they care to comment?

I haven’t seen it but Jabootu has, and will tell you all about it if you follow the link.

I like the books. I’d never read one, mind, but they’re fun for playing sex-scene-roulette in the bookshop. Pick one of them up, flip open to a random page and if it’s getting hot 'n heavy you win!

Considering it took 12 years for her to finish SoS, I’m not holding my breath.

And after the vast disappointment that was SoS, I’m not entirely anxious to read the next one. Oh, I will, probably, but I’m not pining away for it like I was after PoP.

I seem to recall reading in GQ somewhere (I’d do a search if the boards weren’t sucking monkey ass right now) that recent research has fairly well proven that Neanderthal and Cro-Magnon were different species and could not interbreed. I’m wondering if these advances have put a big damper on Auel’s enthusiasm for working up the next novel, considering the interbreeding thing is central to her plot.

Here’s the GQ thread about Neanderthals I was thinking of.

It’s one of those “so bad it’s funny” movies. It’s simply awful for the first few minutes, and then the deadly seriousness of the enterprise, like they’re adapting the Bible or something, takes over, and very quickly you’re laughing so hard you can’t breathe. Highly recommended.

At least Quest for Fire knew when to put its tongue in its cheek, every now and then. (And by definition no movie with Ron Perlman can be entirely bad…)

These books annoy me, but I’ll be reading her new one when it comes out. I need closure, for pity’s sake.

Rumor has it that Ayla will be going to sea in this new one that is also supposedly the final book of the series. The rumor comes from the activities and travels of Jean M. Auel. Apparently she has been to the beach raking clams and also took a trip to the Mediterranean coast in Spain.

That’s all I’ve got, and I’m out…

Coincidentally I’m rereading the series right now. If you skip over the torturously lame (and frequent) sex scenes, they’re ok and a good time waster. I love the descriptions of the food and food preparation, hunting, and medicinal herbs.

Jondalar drive me nuts. What a whiner.

I’ll probably read the rest of the series even though I wasn’t enthralled with the last book. I’m sure in the next book Ayla will invent the wheel, make a telescope, and create the first elk frappuccino.

With “elk cream” as an ingredient. Insert 20-page scene where Ayla “milks” a male elk.

“And she folded her pale hand around the snorting animal’s willing shaft…”

Oh geez, that reminded me. The moment when I knew the series had hit rock bottom. Didn’t they watch some mammoths mating in The Mammoth Hunters and described it kind of in lusty terms, like it got them hot or something?

Someone confirm this for me please. I don’t want to gag for no reason here. guh That’s just awful.

And speaking of awful, I had an aquaintence in high school who would make the Clan gesture (from the movie) for “assume the position” to various girls. He probably would have gotten slapped if anyone knew what he really meant by it. That’s got to be the most primative pickup line ever.

Yeah, they did. It was either in that one or in PoP, but I don’t have copies of the books and I’m not going to go down to the used book store to try to figure out exactly which one it was.

I actually thought that was very interesting. I’d never heard of musth (sp?) before, and I found it fascinating.

And besides, you make it sound like Ayla and Jondalar needed a reason to do the nasty. All they had to do was arch an eyebrow at each other, then it was spread out the blankets and send Wolf away.

I remeber laughing hysterically at the Mother Earth chants in Shelters. Goodness, they were awful. I did like the series when I first read it- mostly for the descriptions of daily life. When I reread them, I found them really funny. They’re so feminist-tolerant-stone-age-utopia! And the characters are so bad!

“And everyone was in harmony, except for the bad people, who didn’t get laid enough”. "

Didn’t Ayla invent the Internet?