Jean Cretien Imperator

The last few days I have been wandering about the boards with my tounge firmly in my cheek proclaiming that Jean Cretien, the recently re-elected prime minister of Canada, is assuming the role of President of the United States due to the US election troubles.

Well, I just about dropped my jaw when I saw some footage on today’s news in which spoke at Duke University. I quote from the CBC News web page:

**‘When asked about the problem of national unity, he quipped that it was too bad France didn’t beat Britain during the early days of settling North America.’

‘At a news conference later, Chrétien offered reporters a more detailed explanation.’

‘“If the French had won, you know, Canada will speak French only and probably the United States too,” he said.’**

I’m not making this up. Check it out at

From what I know about the Seven Years War, there is really no chance that in the event of a French win the English settlers in the 13 Colonies would have taken it upon themselves to learn a new language. I have no idea what the result of it on those living in the west and north would have been.

Also, as the English didn’t manage to get all of Canada to speak their language during the couple hudred years they controlled it, how would the French have been any more successful? And you people make fun of Bush… :rolleyes: