Jeb Bush ends his campaign for POTUS

He has left the building

Golf clap.

Wonder how it feels to not get as far as your dumber brother?

I remember when the media was trying to push him as a viable candidate last year … lmao

Eh, he can always blame it on Trump…

Several months ago, I never would have called that. What a fucking feeble attempt.

That’s what he gets for punctuating his first name.

He was apparently a corrupt governor and is an upper-class twit.

Thanks for wasting our time, Jeb. Maybe you sabotaged a campaign that would have had a chance.

It’s his own fault. He didn’t follow the precedent from his brother’s South Carolina campaign in 2000, and start spreading a rumour that Trump had fathered a black baby out of wedlock.

That’s the kind of principled, issue-based campaigning that the Bush clan thrives on.

Here’s a good post-mortem: Inside Jeb Bush’s $150 Million Failure - His closest aides failed to predict Trump and never changed course, guiding a flawed candidate into a corner he couldn’t escape.

Wonder how the other members of the bush clan feel about w making anyone with the last name bush unelectable for the next 20 years. W’s legacy of a fucked up and more dangerous Middle East will be around as a constant reminder for decades to come.

I recently read an article that was talking about how much social media has changed presidential campaigns and how they’re haven’t been enough presidential elections for the professionals to figure out the new rules yet. It’s like how they were trying to figure out how to use television in a political campaign back around 1960.

Eventually, the pros will figure out what does and doesn’t work and things will settle down again. But right now campaigns are getting blindsided by things they didn’t see coming.

Wait a tick, he “pushed aside” Romney? When the hell was that, was that when Christie was the “prohibitive favorite”?

Not too bad, if he’s dumb enough to lend you money.

Eh, to be fair, I’m not sure what a winning playbook would’ve looked like for Bush. He did try to go after Trump after all, but he just isn’t good at Trumps kind of chest-thumping style. And even if he was good at painting himself as an anti-establishment figure (and he wasn’t), there wasn’t really any way to sell that with his last name.

Short of using some of his millions to straight up bribe Rubio, Christie and Kaisich to drop out of the race early, there really wasn’t any winning strategy for him.

Yep, Jeb is a great illustration of the fact that even an incredibly well financed organization can’t survive when it is being run by people who are unable to tell the ground is shifting under their feet. Shifting in seismic and unprecedented ways.

They managed to piss away an incredible amount of money with almost nothing to show for it. Whoever was responsible for the decisions they made should just get the hell out of the business of running political campaigns.

He was a colorless, charmless candidate. I’m repeatedly stunned at the mooks running for POTUS these days on both sides of the aisle. Is there a some reason these are the only choices we have for choosing the most powerful man or woman in the world? It’s baffling.

There are hints abounding that the old tried and true has become the tired and false. That the old model of massive fundraising to support media campaigning just doesn’t work any more. Coupled with the rise of small donor financing, are very hopeful signs for our politics. Also, and the utter disarray of the Republican Party.

With any luck, this will be the end of the Bush dynasty at least in my lifetime. Inept buffoons, all three. Jeb has all the personality of a can of Crisco, and the all the charm of a dose of clap. It made me twitchy every time I saw him on the campaign trail in the news. Not to say there is anybody else in that mob of idiots that should be within driving distance of the White House.

Hopefully that’s the end of the Bushes. Now if Bernie can just do the same for the Clintons, maybe we can actually move forward some in this country.