Jedi vs GL corps

Okay, inspired by the “Jedi vs X-men” thread a few weeks back, I decided that it was time for another pointless geek discussion.

Who would win between the Jedi and the Green Lantern Corps?

 Lets look at the contestants.

Both are large groups of good guys dedicated to fighting evil throughout the galaxy.

Both have membership that include both humans and non humans.

Both have “magical” powers (Jedi through the force, Green Lanterns through their rings).

Both have seen bleak times when their membership was reduced to one member, but have recovered.

There are other similarities, but the question is who would win? I say the GL corps. In fact, I have a hard time believing that it would be anything other than one sided.

While both groups seem to send individual members in to solve problems, They can, and have sent large numbers in for big problems. A large group of Green Lanterns working together is usually an awesome force, while large groups of Jedi (the arena scene in EP II) just get their asses kicked even harder.

The Lanterns excel at ranged combat, and have the means to keep opponents at a distance, the Jedi can use their force powers at a distance, but their best weapon, the lightsaber, is a close-in weapon.

You rarely see a Green Lantern lose his ring, Jedi seem to have a real problem holding onto their sabers.

Jedi mind tricks? Work against weak minds, not against GL’s who are used to using “willpower” to activate their rings.

Before anyone else says it, YES I am a huge geek, wanna make something of it? ;)

This is even more one sided than the other jedi vs. thread. Unless the jedi get a fresh shipment of yellow bladed lightsabers, this is all GL Corps. Even if they did, the range and versatility of the GL rings would still be too much for the force wielders to overcome.

Yeah, and at its hieght their were, what, a few hundred Jedi? And most of them are mooks that could be taken down by storm troopers.

There were more than 3600 Green Lanterns at teh height of the Corp.

To be fair (and yeah, from what I’ve seen, I’d have to give it to the GL because I’ve never seen a Jedi make a giant energy fist to knock the snot out of a bad guy with) we never saw all the Jedi at once. We’ve seen a bunch of them milling about at the temple at various times, and we know that when EpII took place, the Jedi had knights and padawans dispatched all over the place trying to hold things together. Hence they were only able to dispatch a few hundred to Geonosis (they probably had to leave SOMEONE at home to make sure the padawanlings didn’t lightsaber the furniture to pieces, so they didn’t exactly empty the temple either)

By the time they had a chance to fight Storm Troopers (or rather, Clone Troopers), it was usually with remarkably stacked odds and with the Jedi scattered all over the place, unable to team up to protect eachother.

I believe, however that large numbers of the Jedi who were on Geonosis were wiped out.  When you think about it, with a few exceptions, the Jedi are about as tough as Starfleet Security  :D

 So perhaps this debate is a bit TOO one sided, isnh't there ANYONE out there who thinks the Jedi would win? 

Star Wars fans? You out there?

I, too, was disappointed that the Jedi didn’t put out more in that scene. Apparently, there is a large learning curve from being a padawan to a Jedi master.

This fight would be more even if the Jedi’s yellow light sabres could nullify any green lantern energy construct. I think it would…

[btw, by taking out Phoenix-level X-men, I think the Jedi would crush the X-Men]

Perhaps we are underestimating the power of the Jedi mind tricks. Who’s to say that the Jedis would not seize control of the ring wielder’s minds, and then compel them to pummel each other with giant green boxing gloves?

Obi-Wan indicates they only work against the weak-minded - the GLs are anything but.

The GLs bombard the Jedi from orbit.

Or drop a small moon on them, same thing.

Fight over.

As a whole, the Corps is formidable, but some individual GL’s aren’t particularly immune to being weak-minded: i.e., G’Nort, classic Guy Gardner.

Also, Ra’s Al Ghul’s assassins, using Batman’s protocols, successfully approached a sleeping Kyle Rayner and hypnotized Kyle into using his own ring against himself and making him think he was blind, rendering the ring inoperable (it’s a sight-based, thought-controlled weapon). That sounds like the very definition of a “Jedi mind trick” to me…

Ah. Good point.

Well then, perhaps the Jedi would triumph by telekinetically pelting the GL Corp with ripe bananas. Take that, Tomar-Re!

But bananas are tasty and good for you.

Enriched by the vitamins and nutrients, the assembled corps would hand the jedi a mighty beating while the jedi would not be able to stand because of all of the peels on the ground.

Tell that to the F Sharp Bell.

By the by, the current GL Corps can overcome their yellow weakness by “knowing fear.” Yellow light sabers may slow them down, but not for long. Even with the yellow weakness they can still effect non-yellow objects. Short of dressing all the Jedi in Big Bird costumes they don’t stand a chance.

 True, and G'Nort alone might be able to tip the ballance...

  Against the GL corps! :p

Since this fight seems to be too one-sided, how about one Green Lantern vs. ten Jedi?

So… your counter examples are a dog who was originally a fake Green Lantern but eventually got in under the mascot bylaws, a bus driver with brain damage, and a guy Ganthet picked up in an alley?


CandidGamera. Be thankful I didn’t cite Mogo, Green Lambkin and “Superfriends” Sinestro.

Mogo, at the very least, would maul his weight in Jedi.

With what? Forestry?

Biggest Badass: Kilowog or Mace Windu?
And I disagree about Guy being weak willed. He may be easy to put one over on, but he snaps out of it pretty quickly. The point being, the mass of the corps, as depicted, are not even close to easy marks that way.