Jeepers, Creepers—Stay Away from My Peepers! (Eyedrop help?)

I finally made an eye-doctor appointment, for Monday (thanks, Oxy, for the referral!). Nothing wrong that I know of, but I know my prescription has changed since I last had my eyes checked (back during the Roosevelt administration), and I really need to get tested for glaucoma.

Trouble is, I am phobic about anyone doing anything to my eyes—I can’t even look at other people putting eyedrops in their own eyes, or I get squicked-out. Dentists? Piece of cake. Needles? Bring 'em on. But if anyone approaches my eyes with drops, they slam shut like . . . well, like a slamming-shut thing.

Anyone have any tips for getting drops in one’s eyes? I’ll warn the doctor I’m a blinker, but it would be nice if he doesn’t have to use a whole bottle to get one drop in my eyes.

The doctor I went to last week held my eyelids open while he put the drops in. It was the only way.

I can’t even consider contacts; I’m that spastic about my eyes.

I’m that way, too. The way I put in eyedrops, is to pull out my lower eyelid and put the drops in there. Works like a charm!

Thanks—I’ll suggest that. People have told me “look away,” but when there’s a big, huge dropper filling up your whole field of vision . . . Glad I’m not the only eye coward.

I close my eyes (but not tightly), put the drop in the corner next to my nose, and blink to distribute it. Not having my eyes open prevents me from flinching, as I would if I saw the drop coming toward my eye. My eye doctor didn’t seem to have a problem with doing it this way when I explained how skittish I am about anything coming near my eyes.

When I give drops to my kids, I have them close their eyes, then put the drops where the corner of the eye meets their nose. When they open the eye, the drop just rolls in.

Darn! I thought I had invented that technique.

I, too, am freaked by objects getting too close to my pretty eyes. :wink:

You did invent it. Me, I learned it from our pediatrician.

One more vote for hating things being near my eyes. I’m a life-long glasses wearer, and I won’t hear any of this nonsense about “Oh, you’ll get used to contacts.” Forget it! Since when is it a good idea to force ourselves to overcome our natural (and useful!) instinct to avoid getting stuff in our eye?!

Anyway, re the OP…my wife has gotten pretty good at getting me to look the other way while she sticks drops in the corner of my eye. It’s still a little bit of a challenge for her, but I sure as heck can’t do it myself. I will go through a whole bottle, and I’ll probably still miss.

The only upside to this is, I know I will need now reading glasses as well as distance glasses, which means I can finally get lorgnettes!

This is how the optomotrist gets the drops in DeHusband’s eyes!

Just ignore my spelling - I’m on the phone.

Yep, that’s my technique also. It’s a good idea to make sure there’s no makeup on the side of your nose though. When my son needs eyedrops, he has to lay flat on his back with his head braced between two pillows. Then my husband holds him down, while I put the drops in. I picture us having to do that when he’s 30.

Good point. Didn’t even think of that, since the last time I wore makeup other than at my wedding was for my senior class picture in 1992.

I’m 30, and showing no signs whatsoever of growing out of my fear of getting things in my eyes.

But I got pinkeye in college once, and rather than go home and have my mom put the eyedrops in (and miss a week or so of class, and have to deal with my mother hovering over me and annoying me when I’m sick), I managed to do it myself. I did use a lot more of the drops than a normal person would have, but I did do it. You can sometimes amaze yourself with the things you can do when you have to.

Man, all you ocularphobes are weird. Im pretty much the exact oppoiste…well, not opposite, as that would be an eye touching fetish, but I could care less if something toucehs my eye. In fact, i just touched my eye with my finger jsut now. The actual surface, too, not going through the eyelid. Did you know you realyl can’t feel things on your eye? At least I can’t. Put the finger there, pushed harder than one should on their own eye, and didn’t feel a thing. Odd.

  • faints dead away *

This kind of perversion should not be tolerated in these fora. :eek:

It’s especially effective if the person is lying with their head in your lap, but you may not want to go there with your optometrist.

BTW, the same kid who has to be held down for eyedrops, loves to freak me out by turning his eyelids inside out.

Oooh! I totally used to do that in elementary school! I can hardly wait for my 10-year old nephew to pick that one up…