Jeff Dunham deleted scene

In one of his specials he mentioned that a segment wouldn’t go over well in China. It was evidently edited out of the CC special. Just found it on YouTube, and Jeff’s right, it was VERY racist!

Good to know.

Okey dokey.

… link?

It’s always fun around here.

Racist ventriloquist is racist.

Was it the “Taste of China” routine? He did that one when I saw him live. I thought it went on too damn long (but I prefer Walter over Peanut any day).

He’s the guy with the racists puppets like a jalepeno in a sombrero and an Arab who hates America? Forget China, he doesn’t go over well in half of America.

Considering he’s the highest grossing comedian in North America and one of the top ranked comedians in Europe among other things, I would say he goes over very well in all of America.

I, for one, can’t stand him. And I am one of America. :smiley:

Jesus, every sentence in that Wikipedia article had me saying things like, “Really? That puppet guy?” and “Seriously? Ninth most viewed Youtube video ever? Who?”


Right, he’s very popular among people who think Larry the Cable Guy is too elitist.

I know humor is subjective, but I don’t understand all the hate for Jeff Dunham on this board. Is he not ‘sophisticated’ (whatever that means) enough? Of course, I could probably sit here and list a bunch of them I don’t like that other people here like quite well.

He’s the favorite comedian of people who can’t name another comedian.

No, it pretty much requires you to be a red stater, or a closeted red stater in a blue state. No one who reads without moving their lips likes him, it’s a proven fact (it’s why their so impressed he doesn’t move his lips).

He isn’t funny, and appeals only to people who enjoy the fact that he’s basically standing on a stage shouting the word “nigger” over and over again for two hours. I appreciate offensive comedy, but he forgot the comedy part. “Some people aren’t white. That’s the joke!”

Um, cite? I like him and I can read very well without moving my lips. I also know the difference between their and they’re.

Also, I just don’t see the full on constant racism others are seeing. Sure he has some racist parts in his act, but that’s not his whole act.

Well, there is the whole ‘he’s not funny’ part. That’s enough for me.

I find him absolutely hilarious when he’s not using his racial stereotype puppets (so his own stand-up, Walter, and Peanut), I dislike Larry the Cable Guy severely, and at this point in my life I’m a staunch liberal.

People who complain that someone uses stereotypes probably shouldn’t rely on stereotypes themselves.

This times 20. Last time I watched his arguing with myself special it was with the wife, a very liberal lawyer and a well respected educator.
We were all in tears we were laughing so hard. None of us thought it was racist.
Just because you don’t like a particular act that does not mean all of America hates it.