Jefferson Airplane's Volunteers of America: Lyrics?

I read somewhere that some of the lyrics to Volunteers of America went:
“Who will listen to you?
We will-and who are we?
We’re the Volunteers of America,…”

So, I checked Youtube, and I never heard anything similar to that. i listened to Woodstock, and it seems like that’s what they were planning to say, but, a. I may be projecting, and b. they could have been on drugs, because that’s sure not what I heard. I think, also, that there are several versions that they use, but, what do I know?
Anyhoo, does anybody know if this phrase was in any of their versions of the song?



What Marty Balin actually sings is:

Who’ll take it from you?
We will, and who are we?
We are Volunteers of America…

“Listen to you” isn’t in any version of the song I have heard, and I’ve heard a bunch.