Jeffery Toobin flashed his junk on a Zoom call to other New Yorker staffers

…and has now been suspended. He says he thought he wasn’t sharing video…Hmmmmmm.

He has requested time off for personal matters at his other gig, CNN and they have granted it.

C’mon, what possible reason would he have for whipping out his dick while on a call with other employees?

I guess the prudent thing to do is to wait for any additional details before drawing any conclusions.

But in a scenario where I imagine being extremely vexxed with fellow co-worker(s), under no circumstances can I imagine a response that included shaking my junk at the computer for any reason. What mentally stable adult decides, ‘What this situation calls for is a good old dick waving’.

You may want to ask a moderator to correct the title, which says The New York Times rather than The New Yorker.

I believe he was in a meeting with multiple attendees, was a little bored, and decided to multi-task. The other task he chose happened to be masturbation, and unfortunately he didn’t realize his camera was on.

Another theory: the call he was on was regarding election simulations (which is true), but he misheard it as erection stimulations (which might not be true).

Do we actually know exactly what happened? I saw something about it earlier but it didn’t go into much detail. My ‘benefit of the doubt’ assumption was that he was wearing a shirt for the zoom call, but nothing else and accidentally stood up before he signed off.
IOW, I assumed it was an innocent accident and not something done on purpose or that he was masturbating while on the call with them and got caught.

If it makes a difference, I don’t know anything about him at all, never heard his name until today.

I can’t read it-Did he “flash his junk” to New York Times staffers or to New Yorker staffers?

New Yorker. Story was written by New York Times.

Vice is saying he was masturbating. Don’t know if it’s true or not:

Both people, who spoke on the condition of anonymity in order to speak freely, noted that it was unclear how much each person saw, but both said that they saw Toobin jerking off. The two sources described a juncture in the election simulation when there was a strategy session, and the Democrats and Republicans went into their respective break out rooms for about 10 minutes. At this point, they said, it seemed like Toobin was on a second video call. The sources said that when the groups returned from their break out rooms, Toobin lowered the camera. The people on the call said they could see Toobin touching his penis. Toobin then left the call. Moments later, he called back in, seemingly unaware of what his colleagues had been able to see, and the simulation continued.

This has to be one of the most bizarre stories I’ve ever read. I haven’t seen anything on CNN or the New Yorker site to confirm, but I presume the NYT has their facts straight (not so sure about I’d sure like to hear more details. I had a lot of respect for Toobin, and as far as his legal analyses are concerned, I still do. WTF??? That’s all I can say right now.

What a dick move.

It’s been on TMZ for a few hours and they’re very rarely wrong about anything they post. If they are (or even if they’re not), they’ll continuously update the story as they get more information.

Election simulation, erection stimulation. To-may-to, to-mah-to. Damn, TroutMan beat me to it.

You are straight up correct.

Yeah. They’ll stretch it out as long as they can.

Story like this, don’t want it to go soft. Ride it hard!

I was thinking the same thing when I first saw “election simulation”…

Well, now we know who dropped the balls.

But if he’s let go, will Toobin get stiffed in the package?

I think he’ll just get spanked.

Great, I’ll never be able to sit in on another Zoom call without wondering what’s going on below the camera field.