Jeffrey Combs reading 'Herbert West, Re-Animator' (the original Lovecraft story)

This is going on my portable mp3 player

Heh, makes me think of that “Zombie Dogs” story that has been going recently.

Wow, what a find! Thanks!

I love Jeffrey Combs. Saw him at a science fiction convention once. He’s a sharp, funny guy. Cute, too, in a geeky kind of way.

Sweet. Ass.

I didn’t realize it until after I posted the OP, but that cite is chock full of old-time horror/sci-fi/suspense audio book mp3s. Surf around from , or change the 12 in the URL in the OP to 11, 10, etc and you’ll find lots more cool stuff.

One of the better Trek villains. Second to Andrew Robinson’s Garek.

You’re gonna have to be more specific. It seems like he played like 8 different characters spread out through most of the modern ST shows (that’s a guestimate).

He was great as all of them. Or each of them. Whatever. It’s late :slight_smile:

Mainly as Wayoun.

Definately Weyoun, the grovelling but often quite threatening Vorta :smiley: