Jehovah's Witnesses who have renounced their beliefs

I am interested in hearing from any Jehovah’s Witnesses who have renounced their beliefs.

What age did it happen?

What led to it?

What type of response did you get from the Jehovah’s Witness community?

How would you describe your beliefs now?

One more time through, just in case, then I will let it die a quiet death.

Around 18. There wasn’t an exact age. I gradually stopped buying less and less of their bullshit in my late teens to early adulthood, but 18 was the last time I went to services.

Personal reasons I’d rather not say.

I went away to college and never saw another Elder again, so I don’t know if their was a reaction from the church, which had been dwindling in numbers anyway. My mom is the only member of my family who is still a Witness. She is not happy about this, but it’s 5 against 1 so she keeps quiet about it.

Atheist, I guess.

Thanks for the reply. How common do you think it is for Jehovah’s Witnesses to renounce their beliefs?

Not me, but my SO. He was in his mid thirties, still a true believer, and flat out rejected anything I tried to show him to convince him the religion was hooey. So I stopped trying.

Quietly and without telling me, he began to research on his own, and had a total change of heart. Still believes in God, parts of the bible, and has a hard time fully understanding evolutionary theory though.

His parents kept trying to change his mind but he didn’t, and they have sort of stopped trying now.

Sister Vigilante, were you (a non-religious person) dating him while he was a JW? How did that work out? How did his parents and his church take it?