Jello shots in syringes

A friend’s sister graduated nursing school recently. I was asked to help with the party my friend is organizing. Keeping a medical theme, I scored some 12 cc syringes (new in box) and was thinking about making jello shots (red).

Anyone ever done this? Hints/Tips?

There’s an instructional video (?!) here:

Seems to me like it would be gross since “injecting” the Jello will affect its texture.

Crap, it’s been done? Is there not a single original idea left? :wink:

Seriously, it is amazing how many brainstorms I have had lately that turn out to be old hat.

Don’t let this discourage you!! It sounds like an awesome idea. I think these would be cool for Halloween or something too!

Enema bag chasers have likely been done as well, right?

You’re asking for tips on something, meaning that the person you’re soliciting is drawing on knowledge of previous experiences…then you appear to be disappointed that this is not an original idea.

A bit of a dilemma, I suppose. No, I cannot help you with an idea that no one in the history of the world has yet envisioned. For, even when that idea comes to me, it will no longer be original for you.

Don’t do it…

Of course, the enema bag chasers are oral administration. :stuck_out_tongue:

Well, I was looking for conceptual hints/tips. But I hear ya.

Don’t let anyone discourage you, kayaker. I think it’s a neat idea. I’m not so sure about the jello, though. Maybe Kool-Aid or something similarly colored & flavored, but without actually gelling? Or how about scoring some “sample” bottles and making lemon jello shots in them? (or is that too disgusting to consider?)

Your post reminded me of a really cool store I sent to ages ago at the Mall of American in MN. I don’t even recall the name of it now, but everything was medical or science related, almost like the old Discover Channel stores, but moreso. They sold ball point pens that looked like syringes – they had a sealed red-liquid compartment with non-moving plunger.

They actually sell candy like that… saw it a couple years ago.

Yep, here it is…

This is a pretty good idea. I’m sure you can find a red liquor that you can put in the syringes, or else just use vodka, red food coloring, and cherry syrup, the kind that they make Italian sodas with.

Try using enema syringes.

serve food in bedpans! Beer in a clear plastic disposable enema bag would be awesome (for oral comsumption only) Use the syringes for sucking up a liquid concoction then squirt it into the participant’s mouth.

bandaid cookies: graham cracker broken into fourths along perforations, center one third covered in white frosting with a blob of red jelly (or red gel frosting) in the center.

Nothing is too disgusting.

Yep, we scored bedpans for chips/dip. Also got plastic urinal jugs for use as pitchers. Got some old time rectal thermometers for the bartender to swizzle with.:smiley:


Make box brownie dough, mix in 1/4 bag of white chocolate chips. Chop up candy corn (about a handful, don’t overdo it.)

Place brownie dough into pastry bag with largest pastry tip and pipe into spirals on cookie sheet. Put a few candy corn pieces strategically buried in the “poop”.

Serve from a clean bed pan.

You might get an idea or two from this place: the Hospital Restaurant.