Jello Tampering??

Boy, they are really piling it on. petit larceny is enough. Adding tampering charges seems unnecessary.

Things must be getting desperate for seniors. If they were this hungry, why didn’t they just shoplift? It would have been a much less serious crime.

This may have been the first illegal act this couple ever did in their lives. They obviously didn’t think through the consequences. very sad :frowning:

One news story said the couple was reasonably well off financially and suggested they were just a bit demented.

But what the couple did was not the part of the story that surprised me. The part that surprised me was that a food vendor would accept returned products and put them back on the shelf for someone else to purchase. I really didn’t know that sort of thing happened.

It’s pudding. Butterscotch and pistachio to be exact. When you do the math there was a lot of tampered food. It sounded more like one of these cheap bastards that will do anything they can to save money. So long as they get what they want they don’t see that they did anything wrong, besides getting caught. They see it as not getting caught is not being crooked as the store should pay more attention to what they do. I’ve met the type.

What makes me laugh is that some of the comments on the linked story allude to the fact that the pudding is somehow connected to crystal meth.


I mean, I know cough syrup is a must-have for your average trailer-park meth lab (which is why I have to jump through hoops if I want anything with decongestants nowadays), but what does pudding mix contribute to the end product… a pleasantly creamy pistachio flavour? :dubious:

Actually, I’m just concerned that I’ll start getting treated like a criminal at the supermarket if I decide to buy a few too many boxes of chocolate fudge pudding mix. I like instant pudding, dammit!

I’m going to be really pissed if this means I have to show my license every time I want some butterscotch pudding.

Well, it’s sad, but it was a dumb ass thing to do.