Jennifer Cohn catalogues 20 years of Republicans stealing elections

Writer and election security advocate has written a massive Twitter thread, basically suggesting that Republicans have been stealing elections since at least 2000. So all their supposed concerns about election integrity seem to be just a cover for what they’ve actually doing.

If this bears out, we’re living in a joke of a democracy. An unprincipled minority has bene maintaining and strengthening their control over us for years.

Wow. Just wow.

Here is a link where you can more easily read the entire 92 tweet (!!!) thread, in “unrolled” fashion:

Republicans have freely stated that when people are allowed to vote, Republicans lose. The voice of the people is not something that Republicans want to encourage.

Would be nice to have a real write up with cites. Hard to take a twitter essay seriously even if these allegations are true.

(Not casting doubt, but would really like to see this well written, cited and verifiable)

Yawn. This is just a compendium of old internet rumors.

The first two thirds encompasses the bare narrative. The last third covers the cites. It’s more like a booklet plus a bibliography than ongoing footnotes. Makes it hard to cross check any one claim but it creates a compelling uninterrupted throughline.

It has cites at the end, though.

My big problem is why none of this was found when we actually did look into the possibility of voter fraud this election.

That said, I’m all for disallowing any all-electronic voting machines and requiring paper audits to check for discrepancies.

It was all “found” years ago. It’s tired old stuff that was being breathlessly repeated in 2005, such as in this 264-post thread on this very message board.

I was specifically talking about the stuff purported to happen in the 2020, which is why I said “this election.” In all the other situations, there’s a claim that no one was looking into the fraud, or that those who were got silenced. But, in 2020, we know for sure there was a massive attempt to find fraud, so that excuse doesn’t work.

That the purported fraud in 2020 was stated in the same manner as the rest of the posts led me to believe that the proof of such was likely equally questionable. Hence what led me to doubt it, and post about my doubt here.

I’m not surprised at all that the pre-2020 claims have been brought up here before. But I would love it if those of you disparaging those claims would instead summarize the debunking of those claims.