More good cites for U.S. vote fraud by the GOP?

I emailed some friends and some siblings a discussion of the fact that more and more early voters in West Virginia have reported that their touch-screen votes for Obama and other Democrats were automatically switched to Republican votes. First in Jackson County and now Putnam County. Officials say that it’s a random glitch and blame the voters, but there’s not been a single report of a Republican vote switching to a Democratic vote.

These voters say they tried again and again to correct their votes and did so very carefully, but their votes continued to be switched to Republicans. Some say they corrected it on the voting page, but when they got to the summary page, the vote had been switched again and they couldn’t do anything about it. Official tech support staff on those specific touch screen models report that they see those problems with 30-40% of those machines!

The cheated voters were hopping mad, and so they reported it to the police and the press. I believe they filed affidavits.

In my email, I added that Republicans had become infamous for vote fraud and voter suppression since at least the 2000 election. In reply, some insisted that that was a lie and demanded that I provide proof.

Now, I want to stay away from registration fraud. Even though there are scores of current stories like the YPM scandal and now even arrests for McCain/Palin and other GOP registration fraud, Republicans are fixated on the ACORN joke of a hoax and so have their magic Invincible Irrationality cloaks sealed tight.

I’ve come up with a few strong cites on my own, such as Monica Goodling’s admission of caging, but the problem I’m having is that there are so many thousands of search hits, and so many of them lack direct evidence, that I thought I’d turn to the SDMB to get some assistance from human intelligence rather than indiscriminate web searches.

So what do you say, folks? Small time vote fraud, however deplorable, is pretty clearly a bi-partisan crime. But I’ve yet to see anything from the Democrats that parallels the appalling level of vote fraud and suppression we’ve seen from the Republicans in the 21’st century. Do you have any solid cites showing clear evidence of major GOP vote fraud/suppression/theft since (and including) 2000?