Jennifer Nettles, please fire your choreographer.

I don’t usually watch music videos. Until recently, I don’t think I have watched one all the way through since it was cool to say, I want my MTV. Recently, the property management team at my apartment has offered cable to its tenants. Two of the stations included in the package are GAC and CMT. These two stations also border Spike TV, so as I channel surf, I occasionally see a video that will cause me to pause for a minute or two.

Jennifer Nettles of Sugarland is a very attractive woman IMO. I hear Sugarland on the radio, and I really like their music. That brings me to the point of this post. I like the songs so much that I have begun watching the videos.

I have made a discovery. Jennifer Nettles, if you read this Board, fire your choreographer. He must be laughing his ass off at the fact that you actually do the moves he suggested. If you do not have one, get one, and fast. As proof I offer Exhibit A (Settlin’) (Clicking these links will play the videos)

Exhibit B (Can’t go home)

And the worst of the bunch Exhibit C (Down to Missippi)

Watch at your own risk. Again, Jennifer, you are too hot to have to put up with this. If you truly are rhythmically challenged, as I am, don’t move in the videos.

Thank you,

Sgt Schwartz

I thought she was cute in “Settlin’.” Reminded me of blond Lucy Lawless.

She was cheesy in the Bon Jovi number.

I’m partway through the third. Looks like there are a lot of bits edited in that don’t go with the music playing at that point in the video. Blame the director.

(In fact, for bad choreo, blame the director in general.)

But I don’t think she has a choreographer. I think she just moves that way. And I think a lot of people are going to be more bothered by her voice than her moving. Have you ever seen a rock show? Some singers are just like that.

But yeah, she’s a little goofy on stage.