Terry Clark's "Girl's Lie Too" video. Johnny depp?

I caught part of this funny little video and either they did some spectacular editing and splicing to mix her video shots and PotC scenes or they had a almost, but not quite dead on actor to do his role.

Any one know the dirt?

Looks like nobody really knows. But I’d say it’s not him, because the mannerisms look too affected, and some shots give away the differences. Weirdly close, though.

What shook me up about this video is Wayne Newton at the end. Ewww! I guess if I had Wayne Newton in my bed, I’d have a vigorous fantasy life as well. Yuck!

Yeah, that was what I thought. Wayne Freaking Newton. I’d turn gay before I’d fantasize about him.


According to at least one site, it’s the video’s director, Shaun Silva.
The look and mannerisms are slightly off - but it’s still a good impression of Captain Jack Sparrow.