Johnny Depp

ok so i just saw the worst movie starring johnny depp (and by worst i mean corny) but yet contained the absolute best sexy johnny depp moment. i swear if i wasn’t at someone else’s house, who knows what i would have been doing :wink:
so the movie was cry baby circa 92? starring ricky lake, traci lords, that chick from school ties (thanks draelin) and there is a scene at the end in the jailhouse where johnny (crybaby) and allison (the girl) are singing to each other all seductively but there is that jail glass visiting room thing between them, and johnny actually licks the glass. holy God, my mouth just dropped open.

which led me to wonder…johnny depp hasn’t had too many sex scenes. i think it’s time for some sex and johnny! but i’m trying to think of actresses that would fit with him. kate winslet would have been excellent, but no they had to do the amazing touching film together. does anyone else feel my pain for some more johnny sex scene action??? :confused:

He has a nude scene if you’re interested (a really cheesy teen comedy called Private Resort - he was young and thin and looked different, but he’s still recognizable and it’s an extended butt shot). As far as romantic scenes, I liked his scenes on the boat in Chocolat best.

Right here, I knew which movie it was gonna be. So, I concur about the utter sexiness of Johnny, yea, even in midst of the cheese.

Personally, I’m hoping for some Bloom/Depp action in Pirates of the Caribbean 2. And if Commodore Norrington wanted to get in on it, I wouldn’t complain. Ahoy! Actually, Cap’n Jack Sparrow could hook up with anybody, and I’d be happy. (Yes, I know it’s a disney movie. I can dream.)

Since it’s my fault you were forced to watch Cry-Baby in the first place, I’ll point out that it was 1990. :slight_smile: And I love that movie, no matter what anyone else says.

And, given my high-school obsession, it’s entirely possible that if I look hard enough, I’ll discover that I have Private Resort (which, by the way co-starred Rob Morrow from Northern Exposure and now Numbers) on tape somewhere. I’ll search the video archives at Casa Draelin and call you if I find it. :wink:

Since it’s my fault you were forced to watch Cry-Baby in the first place, I’ll point out that it was 1990. :slight_smile: And I love that movie, no matter what anyone else says.QUOTE]
hey you didn’t see me leaving. if i remember correctly i was like “put crybaby back on!!” lol. it was weird yes, but it kept my attention. poor hatchet face. yeah i was torn between 90 or 92, i know you said the year but i wasn’t sure.

and now that you talked more about it. i’ve seen private resort AGES ago. but if given the choice between young johnny depp nudity and the present day johnny depp nudity, i take Captain Jack Sparrow any day of the week. mmmmm, he should wear eyeliner all the time

What’s this? My Wonder Twin has dragged one of her North Jersey associates onto the SDMB? Welcome aboard, sleepygirl.

Now to figure out if you’re one of the friends who she has such interesting stories about… :smiley:

uh oh! what has she been telling you!!! lol. whatever it is, it’s her *other friends * not me! :smiley:

Don’t listen to her. The one about the saddlebags, the pint of vaseline, and the paratroopers is totally about her. :wink:

Heh, I like Cry Baby. It’s freaking hilarious!

Speaking of horrible movies featuring a too-hot-for-words Johnny Depp, I have to nominate Once Upon a Time in Mexico. Objectively, this is an awful movie; however, I absolutely adore it. And it’s all because of Mr. Depp.

Amen. You really have to love any movie with a line like “You’ve made me the happiest juvenile delinquent in Baltimore!!”

Wow! sleepygirl, how’d you get all the paratroopers to stand at attention at once?


Cry Baby is currently being developed as a Broadway musical (thanks to the success of John Waters’ Hairspray). It won’t feature Johnny, of course. (I wonder if he’s ever done stage?)

Oh man, I’m so glad I live in New Jersey, in that case. Do you have a cite?

(Not that I don’t believe you, of course–I just want more info. :slight_smile: )

And as an aside, he didn’t do his own singing in the movie, though I’m willing to bet he could have.

Check online! But yeah, that is one of my favorite slash pairings these days. Norrington can take a leap off of a cliff, though…ewww.

not to mention, and i’m sure i’m going to get this wrong, so correct me, “kiss me allison, kiss me HARD!”

i’m very talented :wink: you have no idea

Yes, please.

I don’t know why, but Depp really does it for me. Physically, he isn’t my type at all. Sex on two legs, that man is.

As you wish, my lady. 1 2 3

This thread has given me the most painful flashback. I had a tape of Private Resort at a very impressionable heart-throb age and it was one of those things that got pulled out whenever the parents were out and watched over and over. I think paroxysms of teenaged lust is the phrase I’m going for? I think something happened to my hormone levels just suddenly remembering it after all these years.

About Crybaby, I remember my best friend in highschool used to quote Allison’s dorky line when when Crybaby is giving her the lighting speech “Why, Crybaby, why?” My best friend couldn’t ever just ask me why, she always had to say, “Why, Crybaby, why???” Crybaby was a big influence on my life and my taste. I love that movie.

I still love Johnny Depp but I stopped being attracted to him a few years ago. I’m one of the few people who hated that Pirate movie. I firmly believe that after he did Hunter S. Thompson, Johnny Depp has been using his fake deep voice from that movie in everything and it’s weird. But I still love him. I even watched Secret Window. I liked it when he said he was just going to smoke. “Fuck it I’m just going to smoke. I’m just going to totally smoke.”

Johnny Depp is a year older than me. That means it wouldn’t be at all disgusting if I gave him a booty call. I loved waaaay back when I was in high school and he was an undercover dick who could turn up at my school any day.