Jenny's a shopaholic; does she shop in your neighborhood

Inspired by this thread

Jenny is a shopaholic! I’ve never been to a store that she doesn’t shop at & I always get the sale discounts because of her. Does she shop in your neighborhood, too?
Next time you go to a store with a loyalty discount program (like grocery stores), instead of swiping your loyalty card, enter a phone #…Jenny’s phone # - (your local area code) + 867-5309 & report back if you got the discount, including location & store/chain.

If I tell it to the clerk for them to key in, I usually say “eight - six - seven - fifty-three - zero -nine” which breaks it up into a slightly different cadence than the song so the clerk doesn’t even catch it.

I’ve tried it with mixed results. Next time I’ll switch to Pennsylvania 6-5000.

But break it up into a slightly different cadence by pronouncing it “Pennsylvania 6-5 oh oh oh.”

When the internet needs a postal code, I’m always 90210. It’s the only one I know.

This is the number I use as well. Sometimes, if you can see the screen, the customer id comes up as “Jenny” :slight_smile: