Jeopardy Doper on my radio station.

So I’m listening to the local radio morning show, Dwyer & Michaels, (and no I’m not related)…when I hear them interviewing a certain Myron. Said Myron is the one day record holder for winnings on Jeopardy…$50K…said Myron is one of us dopers!!

I felt like 3 degrees of separation from Alex Trebek.
On second thought…ewwwwww
However, for all the details he provided about his experiences , not one damn mention of the SDMB!! Me thinks that Myron has some ‘splainin’ to do 'round these parts!

I heard about the $50K guy on Reuters/yahoo. Don’t recall any mention of dopers.

However, I do recall some months ago a doper who was a five-time winner was on the Tournament of Champions. He wouldn’t reveal the outcome and said he’d post again when the show was aired.

There are other Jeopardy dopers I’m sure. Though I really haven’t watched the show much since the days the runner-ups would get Lee ‘Press-on Nails’. =)

Paging The Man Who, paging The Man Who

You’d think we’d at least rate as one of the little people!