Jeopardy UTOC is over! SDMB post mysteriously absent. Shame on us geeks.

Guess people stopped caring once 5 time champ and h.sapiens were out of the running?

Personally, I was rooting for Jerome, the Jon Lovitz lookalike, to win. The only one of the three to come from the first round of games. He was the underdog, he was fun, and sadly, he was outshone by Ken and the winner, Brad “I’m a smug goatee’d tool who’d already won one TOC” Rutter.

I continue to lament the overbearance of theme categories and dumbing down of questions, so that the final three games for the $2m purse in this tournament felt curiously easier than moustache-era repeats I catch on Game Show Network. Then again, there were some real stumpers, like Tuesday’s and today’s Final Jeopardy, both of which were answered correctly by only Brad.

Or it shows me for only quickly scanning the front page and running a page search on the word “jeopardy.”

A few questions about Jennings and Ultimate Tournament of Champions. D’oh.

I was disappointed I didn’t see Wednesday’s game, but I really liked some of the categories the other two days. “Before, During and After” was a riot.