Jeremiah Season 2, episode 2. Awesome!

For those of you who haven’t heard of this series, just type jeremiah into google and follow the links.

This was a great episode!

[spoiler]For all you trek fans who were screaming at your tv when Picard made the idiodic descision to not destroy all the Borg by the introduction of the virus, this is the show for you.

The thunder mountain crew(TMC), namely Lee, convinces the Valhalla sector general that Meaghan is not a carrier of the big death, but is completely cured and arrage an exchange of her for most of their people taken captive. Then, by attacking, the TMC trick Valhalla into locking down their base (a timed lock they even they can’t break), once Meaghan is inside.

Since they don’t realise Meaghan is a carrier, she is free to walk around the base unprotected, shaking hands and touching everybody she can. In 5 days, everybody in Valhalla is dead!

Not to worry, Jeremiah, his father, and a new character Libby (secretly in contact with Lee), who are still inside Valhalla are tipped off about the plan and manage to hide out while the Big D ravages the place.

I was originally expecting some half-assed trick to be pulled so that everything goes back to the way it was before Valhalla started it’s threatening overtures. Then, like trek, the villans would be gradually downgraded and eventually forgotten. But no, they made the brutal and necessary choice. You gotta love these special cable shows![/spoiler]

Some of you out there are watching this series, right?