Jeremy Irons.

Derek Trucks.

Look, I’ve never seen one of these before either, but if you don’t get what’s going on, watch the thread for a while longer instead of dumping on it. It might be against the rules to explain what’s happening here, but check out the last names and you’ll see a pattern.

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Yeah I get the picture now. Sorry if I was a little harsh before.

George Burns and so does Ken.

Alan Cumming.

Tom Sizemore

William Hurt and John Heard.

Rosa Parks, and so does Bert.

No, no, no and no.

Karl Marx, and so does Groucho.

Hugh Downs

William Hung.

Jeremy’s Iron.

I’ll go play with this ball in the corner, now…

Jordin Sparks.

Maury Wills.

Julius Peppers.

Edgar Rice Burroughs while James Woods.

Britney Spears

Kenneth Lay, but Herman Wouk.

Roger Waters.

Elijah Wood

Jan Hooks.

Ed Helms and Willie Aames.

Give me the ROD! Stewards

John Wood, but Immanuel Kant.