Jericho Canceled: Final Wrap Up Show On Tuesday

According to this Hollywood Reporter Article, CBS has officially decided to cancel Jericho.

They had filmed two endings for this season - one with a cliffhanger leading into a potential new season, and the other wrapping up the series. They have decided to wrap it up.

Although not my favorite show, I have been following along since the beginning. Looking forward to this coming Tuesday’s episode to see how they wrap it up.

Even if you haven’t seen all the episodes, it might be worth a look to see how it ends.

I was glad to see “Jericho” come back, and I will be sorry to see it go. The Sci-Fi Channel has been airing reruns. I wonder if they might pick it up and make new episodes, as they did with “The Outer Limits” and “Stargate SG-1.” Hope so.

Thanks for the info. Mr. Cinnamon had informed me that, despite the valiant nut campaign last year, the ratings this season were terrible. Kind of a weird story. I’ll be interested to see how they finish the show.

Rocks fall. Everybody dies.

Too bad. I’ve been enjoying the show. Thanks for the heads up.

I’m glad we at least get a wrap-up. I wonder if they’ll put the alternate ending on the DVD set?

They couldn’t keep a conspiracy plot going for much longer. It will go out on top, with a good plot and story, I’ll warrant.

I stopped watching after the episode when the whole town came out to save the corn field to the strains of The Wallflowers. Blechh. Did it get better or worse after that? Did flesh eating zombies ever show up?

No zombies, but it did get quite a bit grittier (which, in the case of this show, is better, I think). Fewer people singing kum-ba-ya and holding hands, more people kicking ass and blowing things up.

It was a very good show. It was inevitable that it be cancelled, since most good shows are.

I LOVED the first season of this show. It was an interesting survival story, and had some gutsy moves (I was surprised CBS would even air a show about the United States getting nuked by terrorists, considering all those sensitive types out in Kansas who aren’t over 9/11 yet)…the problem with the show, and the reason that I lost interest about halfway into the second episode of the second season, is that the town has electricity, communication, food…they’re almost back to normal, at least as far as survival goes. Now it’s just military stuff and government conspiracies. If it’s gonna continue that way, it’s just as well that it’s going out now.

I wonder how such an attack would truly effect the workings of the states. My own Arkansas, for example had no push pins in it indicating nuclear blasts. I have no idea how long our nuclear power plants would last, how long rice, soybeans and Tyson chickens would feed us. Would trains continue to bring coal from the West, would barges move along the Mississippi?

I don’t understand this - explanation, please?

Could it have possibly gotten worse? No, it got better, but not enough so.

That’s why the show got cancelled. It was so horrible during the first 16 episodes or so that it totally turned off the people who were interested in its premise. And then there weren’t enough people around to see how much it improved in the second 16 episodes to warrant keeping the show alive.

Unfortunately, unlike some other prematurely cancelled shows, the shows creators brought this upon themselves.

So what happened?

My husband and I thoroughly enjoyed the show the first season, though we were sick of the whole kumbaya thing too.

It definitely got better, but when they changed the time to 10:00 pm we had to quit watching. We have to get up too early to stay up that late. I’m sure we’re nto the only people who were in this boat.

Ya know, this IS the 21st Century…we do have things called DVRs. Hell, we’ve had VCRs as far back as the 1970s, haven’t we?

Heh, we don’t have a DVR player and the VCR has been out of commission forever. I don’t know why, we have plenty of 21st century toys, but we just never got around to getting a DVR. <shrug>

Ya know, the most advanced of us even have something called “On Demand.” We can watch Jericho any time, 24/7, no DVR necessary. :wink: