Jerky mavens..your favorite cuts

I aquired a small food dehydrator yesterday and wanted to give it a test drive. Wandered the meat aisle, found a blade steak of some sort pre sliced, it was on sale, what the hell.

Grabbed a bottle of teriaki marinade, tossed it around in a bowl with the meat then loaded the dehydrator with now coated strips of meat. In the morning, Not to brittle, a little soft, a little warm, and alot of teriaki flavored goodness.

I know what I did is probably jerky sacrelidge, so i turn to the teeming millions for your jerky guidance.

Best cuts of meat, thickness, marinades, share your wisdom.

Sorry, that just doesn’t resemble what I know as jerky.

Bottom round, sliced 1/4", brine in equal amounts of brown sugar and salt and lay them out on a rack for the smoker, add any spice that grabs your fancy. I generally use Birch for smoking, but that’s what’s readily available to me.

My favorite Jerky cut is probably “Sol’s Glasses.”

“Because of these glasses, I can’t see, goddammit!”:smiley:

Top round, it yields several pieces of solid lean flesh when dressed as well as other trim pieces that make for good meals.

if you want to try a different type of jerky I suggest you do a google search for biltong

The pics on wikipedia look like someone just hung up a bunch of steaks to dry.