Jerome Corsi detained in Kenya

It’d be less than he deserves if they were lock his fat stupid ass in some fetid hole for a few decades.

Sounds pretty partisan to me.

He’s an idiot. He rips on Kenya’s Prime Minister’s ethnic group, talks about Kenyan corruption. Then he goes to Kenya. Dude, talk shit about a country after you go there! Not before!

Shows the level of intelligence of that hack.

Nobody deserves to be thrown “in a fetid hole for a few decades” because they have expressed ideas that are unpalatable to those in power. Barack Obama has made much of his support for the traditional American values of habeas corpus and freedom of the press, and has supported those values for our allies abroad, so I think he’d be among the first to tell you that you’re wrong on this one.

Corsi is a loathesome human being with a worldview that I find appalling. Nonetheless, the United States should be demanding his release (he is after all a a political prisoner), and upon his return to American soil, he should be free to say as many loathesome and untrue things as he can spew from his wretched pie-hole.

Once Obama wins, this will all be water under the bridge.

I agree with Jurph. There’s no excuse for imprisoning somebody because of his political views. If they want to deport him, because he wasn’t following their laws fine. Send the fuckwad home.

You have no evidence that he’s a political prisoner. He was taken into custody, according to the story, because there were problems with his immigration papers. The United States detains people every day for precisely the same thing. The story says that the issue is being investigated, and presumably once the investigation is complete he will either be allowed to continue his visit, or will be deported for violating Kenya’s immigration laws.

Anyone else think it would be fantastically ironic if Obama did whatever he could to free Corsi?

You’re right, of course. The official Kenyan party line is that it’s an immigration issue. From this article in the NYT, he was being detained because he was working without a visa that permitted work - his visa only permitted him to do touristy things. They stopped him right before he did a press conference, however, so it looks an awful lot like they’re using administrative rules to suppress his speech.

I’ll concede that there is no proof that it is politically motivated if you’ll concede that breaking a work visa law should not earn him decades in a fetid hole.

That would depend on the Kenyan criminal code. We put people in fetid holes for immigration violations too, you know.


But I don’t wanna go to Utah!


He didn’ t have the proper work visa and they’re telling him to go home. They’re not throwing him in a bamboo hut on the river to play Russian roulette with the rest of the refugees.

He violated the “don’t be a jerk” rule of Kenyan law. The moderators are currently discussing options including warning, suspension, banning, and consignment to a fetid hole.

Why should i be obliged to make any such concession? I never made any such assertion in the first place. I was commenting merely on your claim that he is a political prisoner.

The story doesn’t exactly make clear what work Mr. Corsi was attempting to do. I suspect that it was “book tour”, or possibly “lecture tour”.

I’d like to know who was slated to pay his travel and accommodations expenses, as well as whether he had been expecting to receive an honorarium for his appearance(s), and if so, from whom.

Speaking of fetid holes, what’s the buzz on Paris Hilton these days?

Why was Corsi visiting Kenya on a speaking tour anyway? What does he have to say that Kenyans would be interested in hearing?

About the time he spent hiding in Paris Hilton?

Hey, I’d want to hear it.

“Right after you kiss my black ass”

His lies four years ago helped put the entire country in a fetid hole. But I’m sure they’ll just kick him out. Consider anything he’s going through now punishment for stupidity.

I didn’t know who this guy was exactly, so I googled him and found this on the Wikipedia entry:

Am I the only one who finds that (particularly George’s reaction) hilarious? I nearly fell off my chair howling with laughter. It reminds me of the time the Real World went to Nepal and that reedy blonde kept crying and trying to hug the Nepali’s babies and they kept looking at her with a quizzical whatchutalkin’boutWillis looks.