Jerome Corsi revives the Blood Libel! Against Muslims!

From WorldNutDaily:

Now, I know Muslims ritually wash before prayers – with water, or if no water is available, sand. Human blood’s a new one on me; I should think Muslims would regard it as an impure substance, or something.

<snort> And just where are these Syrian rebels getting $100,000 for anything?

Doesn’t World Net rank up there with Weekly World News for accuracy and believability?

No, they’re purportedly selling the blood to “Islamic radicals” – not necessarily Syrian rebels, and some Islamic radicals do have money (e.g., bin Laden).

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Give me a break.

Sadly, this is only the second-craziest thing I’ve heard people claim Muslims believe.

(#1 would be the woman who insisted to me, without any trace of incredulity, that the Koran instructs Muslim men to have sex with children and animals on Thursdays.)

Ask her why Muslims would have a day named after a Norse god.

That’s incredibly ignorant! The Islamic Sabbath is Friday!

Party the night before. Repent the morning after.

Where do you think Baptists got the idea from?

I will sell them a pint a month of my blood for $100,000. I’ll even include shipping and plastic vials. Cut it with some stage blood and you could probably get 50 vials out of each pint.

That’s a vile slander.

You’ll be hearing from WWN’s lawyers, no doubt.

It is common for an adherent of religion “x” to think that adherents of religion “y” spouts nonsense. What gets me is why the adherent of religion “x” doesn’t question their own crazy beliefs.

From the outside looking in, most theists’ beliefs are crazy.

Wash your hands in blood to purify yourself? That’s insane! What you do is wash your hands in water that is blessed, then you turn some wine into Jesus’ blood and take a sip!

Sister Hatune Dogan is a member of the Universal Syriac Orthodox Church.


Don’t you need to have a really limber back to be autocephalous?

Hey, what’s the difference between a Baptist and a Methodist?

A Methodist will say “Hi!” at the liquor store!

That’s kind of like why you can’t invite just one Mormon to your parties.

No, that’s analcephalous.

Do Muslims wash in Christian blood? Well, is the Pope Catholic?

I once worked for some fervent Baptist converts. Real quote from my boss, “We have the one true church of Jesus and all others have fallen for snares of Satan!”

He was referring to the other Baptist sects.

For sure! Line up the buyers and I’ll sell as much as they want. Unless the beheading is required as well, then I’m not so sure.