Jerry Garcia would have turned 70 today

He would have been 70 today. The band is still touring as much as they ever did, sometimes together, sometimes with mixed conglomerations of inspiring talent. Caught Furthur this year; took my three-year old Dudeling with us (something pretty magical about singing EotW with him). Few days later caught Weir, Hornsby and Marsalis followed by Phil & Friends (lineup for that show was mostly family; Phil, his wife and two sons). The music never stopped, but there is such a major element missing.

53 used to feel so far away, so out there … now that I’m about a decade away, it really hits me how young he was. That the rest of the band is still so strong shows that he still would have been too young to go.

Work is keeping me from heading to one of the celebrations tonight, but after we shut the office down we’ll make grilled cheese and veggie burritos and throw one of the View from the Vaults on. Happy birthday!
All I know is something like a bird within him sang,
All I know he sang a little while and then flew off,
Tell me all that you know, I’ll show you snow and rain.

We miss you Jerry.

I haven’t been playing much of his/their music for quite a while, but last night I pulled out the JGB live double and gave it a blast.
Just checked and it’s over 20 years old…
When I get in tonight I’ll see what else is to hand and crank it up!

I’ve realised for a long time that I’m older than many musicians were when they did their best work; it’s sad to realise you’re older than they’ll ever be.

A friend posted this video (and about a dozen others, but I liked this one best)

She Belongs to Me - Jerry, Bob, and Phil

I started going to Dead shows mainly because I had a car and friends would buy me tickets in return for driving them. It took me a while to get past the “scene” to the music, but get past it I did.

Some of my best friendships have grown up around sharing music, and in a lot of cases Jerry is the hub.

I’m 53. IMHO 53 ain’t young, especially if you’ve shared some of Jerry’s experiences.:cool:

I still catch Furthur several times a year. The music lives on. This November will mark the 25th Anniversary of my first Dead show. Hard to believe.

That surprised me too, as he pretty much looked like a young 70 anyway.

Loved the music, went whenever I could, and still do. Thanks for all the smiles, Jerry. You were a gift.

I rememeber being 15 years old at camp, and being told that he had died

RIP Jerry…

My first show was 2/11/1979 at the Kiel Auditorium in St Louis MO. I had the distinct pleasure and foresight to have been at Jerry’s last 7 shows in 1995. The best of the seven, and close to best I ever saw was 6/30/95 in Pittsburgh. Anyone that was there will tell you, they/Jerry controlled the weather and the RAIN.

The last show, Chicago Soldier Field 07/9/95, when Jerry sang Black Muddy River, was both bone chilling and prophetic.

I still see the boys when they come around…and I still look in the wings for Papa.

I just got back from the Bay area where I spent a week walking…chilling, and reflecting. Papa Jerry and my own father (RIP) were heavy on my mind. They were both “one of a kind”.

Peace, Love and Music,