Jerry Hadley, you seemed so happy-go-lucky...

Operatic and Broadway tenor Jerry Hadley has apparently shot himself in the head with an air gun.

From the sound of it he won’t be recovering :frowning:

I did a masterclass with Mr. Hadley in the '90s, and he was both supportive and insightful. I’m also a fan of some (though not all) of his recordings, including a wonderful turn as a pseudo-villain in Karita Matilla’s wonderful live recording of Janacek’s Jenufa a few years back.

Wow. I attended a Prairie Home Companion show at Great Woods a number of years ago, and Jerry Hadley was one of the guests. His comic timing was right on, and he did a terrific Caruso impersonation, making his voice sound just like it came from an old gramophone. This is sad news.

ETA: Sorry, I obviously didn’t address the loss to opera and vocal music. Just commenting on someone who seemed to be likable and have a humorous outlook on life.

Holy shit. That’s horrible. One of the most sublime musical moments I’ve witnessed was at Leonard Bernstein’s memorial concert at Carnegie Hall back in 1993, where Hadley sang “It Must Be So” from Candide. His voice was gorgeous and he gave a touching, emotional but gentle performance.

He always seemed full of joy. Terrible news.

I heard that same show – he was great on it.

I envy you having been at that concert. Candide was a perfect example of the kind of music Hadley was best at - the kind that took genuine chops, but also called for a straightforward and approachable sound that appealed to non-opera fans as well. I saw him do the role in Chicago in '95, and I thought he was perfect in it.

Absolutely, Figaro. He had a deft touch and could traverse different styles very easily.

BTW, I was wrong about the year of Bernstein’s memorial, it was 1990. Have no idea why I was that off. I remember Hadley also sang in a group on that day, but for the life of me I can’t recall the piece. I have to dig out the program somewhere.

Such a waste. First Bubbles now this … what a horrible week for American opera singers, and fans thereof.

Unfortunately, my only recording of Hadley is Susannah, in which his accent is so over-the-top as to be ridiculous. I have no idea why the dialect coach allowed it.

Terrible news. At least Bubbles was getting up there in age. I hate it when the young ones die. (Fritz Wunderlich still makes me sad, and he died ten years before I was born.)

ETA: I guess he’s not actually dead. It still sucks.

Me too, actually. I’ve often wondered how his voice and artistry would have aged - whether he would have been that youthful and lyrical all his life, or whether he would have pulled an Alagna and tried to sing every heavy role in the book. Dying by falling down a flight of stairs is no way to go.