Jerry is God

Jerry spent uncounted hours undoing the damage caused by assholes. Jerry does this all the time. Jerry is God. Anytime, anywhere, your money is no good man, drinks are on me. Realize that I am not 'Spree, but I love ya man, you the BEST!!!

Until Jerry can get me a girlfriend, he is, at best, a demigod.


::walks in with his cult of teenage dopers and their admirers and starts chanting::

[sub]jerry is god[/sub]

jerry is god

Jerry is God

**Jerry is God

*Jerry is God

Jerry is God


[sub]But he can’t work miracles, spoofe.[/sub]

A hearty handshake, a big hug, and a huge “THANK YOU!” to Jerry.
And if he wants it, a little smootch. ***
iampunha, when did you attract a cult following?

Some day I want to meet Jerry and buy him some drinks.

Hell, I’ll buy him a whole damn keg.

And a server.

No, TWO servers.

If Jerry doesn’t want the servers I’ll take them. I’ve always wanted a personal valet, and having two would make the work that much easier.

Um, oh, different kind of server, huh?
Damn. Never mind.

I’ll help wit the keg, though.

Febutober the Eleventeenth.

::Replaces the word Foley on her sign with Jerry::
'punha, I may not be a teenager, but can I join your cult? :wink:

You gonna throw him off the top of the Hell-in-a-Cell, now? I’d pay to see that! :smiley:

When we give out the “Wallys” at the end of 2001, Jerry should get one for “Best Service to the SDMB.”

Thanks for fixing the boards, Jerry! :smiley:

Kudos, to Jerry the Tech God!


[sigh] Sweetie, you don’t know me, but I just wanted to say that I’m in awe of your dedication to the board and your computer expertise. If I ever meet you, you’ve got a real hug, a kiss, and as many drinks as you want from me.

I thought you guys were talking about Seinfeld.

bows to Jerry

Jerry, thanks for all of your hard work. Why don’t you come to ChiDope - you’ll be drinking for free.

Many, many, many thanks.
no, wait, that’s not good enough.

damn. I’ll have to get Research & Development on this to find a suitable reward.

suggestions welcome.

I am not usually a fan of bandwagons, but this is one I am proud to climb onto. Bravo Jerry!

If you are an admirer of a teenage doper, you are welcome to be in the cult.
[sub]But it isn’t my cult.[/sub]

Just a fervent and grateful echo to the sentiments here.

Jerry pulled ungodly hours and worked through some horrendous complications–there are always complications–and did it all under the gun.

Given the seriousness of what happened, I was braced for a long downtime with probable slowdowns when we did come back up. By gum and bedamned if he didn’t get up right back up and running, without even losing the improved board speed.

Jerry’s the best examplar of smart, dedicated, stubborn Fighting Against Ignorance–and damned well winning.