Jersey idiots attack trans teacher

A 69 year old substitute teacher in New Jersey by the name of McBeth took a leave of absence last year to complete a MTF transition. When Ms McBeth came back she petitioned to return to her job and it was granted by a vote of 41 to 1. Now a passel of morons in New Jersey are having fits, claiming that a transgender teacher in the same classroom as their little darlings somehow violates their religious beliefs. The idiots are terrified that their children will learn of the teacher and bad things will result. One of them is so worried that his children will find out about Ms McBeth that he took out full page ads in the local paper to announce it and encourage other idiots to join in his demand that she be fired.

To its enormous credit, the school board listened politely to the lunatic fringe and then told them to get stuffed. Without a vote, the board stood by its previous decision to allow a teacher described as “well-liked” and “an asset” to return to teaching.

Getting told to get stuffed isn’t good enough for the gathering of dimwits, so they’re continuing to annoy the school board with idiotic questions about why their demand that a dedicated and effective teacher hasn’t been fired for no good reason.

Here’s a thought, dumbasses. The reason the school board is ignoring your dumb asses is that you’re a pack of gibbering dolts whose drooling lunacy has already been dignified with far more attention than should have been paid in the first place. Sit the fuck down, shut the fuck up and pull your pinheads out of your tight asses.

While the bulk of this Pitting is reserved for the religious fanatics, a small measure of it may be, depending on one missing fact, reserved for the school board. While the board did absolutely the right thing in voting almost unanimously to reinstate Ms McBeth (and to the one who voted against her, fuck off and rot), there are restrictions on her return. She will almost always have a teaching assistant with her, and if a child needs to use the restroom the child will be accompanied by a school nurse. If these same restrictions apply to all teachers in the district, then whatever. But if they’re predicated in any way on her being transgendered, then fuck the board for its ignorant insistence on discriminatory conditions.


So the way to keep your kids from finding something out is to take out a full-page ad in the local paper announcing it?

That’s exactly what I thought. If they’d just shut the fuck up and let the woman teach the kids would never know the difference. Idiots. :rolleyes:

It could very well be for her own protection as well as the school’s, given the common practice of equating everything but standard vanilla straight monogamy with child molestation and/or murder. She may need a witness, to make it clear she won’t pounce upon the children as soon as she’s out of sight.

These are precisely to sort of people I’d expect to coach their children into making an accusation of child molestation, probably with Satanism thrown in.

OK, that I can almost understand.

This OTOH makes no sense at all. Because the teacher back in the classroom is a transsexual the child needs assistance to use the bathroom? What is the reasoning behind this? Let’s assume for a moment that all transsexuals are pederasts, why does that have any bearing on what children do when they aren;t in the presence of that teacher? Are the kids also required to be accompanied by a nurse when having a piss at home? Do the kids need to be accompanied by a nurse next year because the teacher last year was atranssexula? What is the rationale here? That the teacher will follow them out of the classroom and attack them in the toilets?


If she’s teaching young kids (like preschoolers/grade 1s IIRC, some schools are different) sometimes the school will require a teacher accompany them to the toilet to prevent wandering/other mishaps.

Otto: Now I’m wondering what the school board’s response to the fanatic/lunatic fringe is going to be when someone asks, “But wait! My child is a boy and Ms McBeth is a woman. You can’t have a woman watching my boy pee.” Or, “But wait! McBeth was a man and my child is a girl. You can’t have a man watching my girl pee.”

Fanatics sure do instigate some odd and perplexing issues.

Well, while I agree 100% that this teacher has every right to keep her job and that these parents are being buffoons, let’s not pretend that kids are dense either. No change was made to her voice, and she still has very masculine features. Simply put, anyone who thinks her presence wouldn’t be a distraction to schoolchildren is kidding themselves. However, it’d be a temporary issue. Kids are adaptable, and this would not be a long-term issue.

Especially if their parents would explain the situation and help them understand it, rather than acting like hysterical morons.

But the parents can’t be the one’s to teach it. The school board must decide. The teacher’s union says so.

Maybe Otto will come to realize the benefit of home-schooling. Surely there are parents in that district that think like him? Parents that realize this issue is more important to be concerned with than algebra or chemistry? This is the issue that The Children[sup]TM[/sup] must learn.

That is the beauty of home schooling. You can teach the kids whatever you want without regard to what all the other parents have to say while paying the taxes. Don’t like it? Vote the school board out, or look to the teacher’s union for change.

And I’m not sure what mailing lists the OP is on to get the fodder for the rants, but how old is the teacher in question? Seems to be an isolated case meant to drum up support for a problem that isn’t, really, a problem. If you want to find isolated things to complain about, I’m sure there are greater injustices happening as we type.

Is this a crack about sex education in schools or something? What the fuck are you talking about?

I don’t even know what this means.

What does the age of the teacher have to do with anything?

Yeah, great argument. “There are bigger injustices out there, so let’s ignore this one.”

I’m sure you were thinking the same thing when you started Pit threads about:[ul]
[li]The absence of NFL news on ESPN[/li][li]Sony digital rights management[/li][li]Wal-Mart and Unions[/li][li]The crackdown on Bingo in Grand Forks[/li][/ul] And that’s just a small selection from the last six months.

She’s a tarantula???
:eek: :eek: :eek: :eek: :eek:

I’m used to duffer having serious reading comprehension issues but this has to be the worst example ever. As noted in the second word of the OP, the teacher is 69.

The teacher’s age isn’t strictly relevant to anything, as the same result should have been reached whether she’s 69 or 29.

I will NOT have a teacher shedding her exoskeleton in front of MY children!!!

It’s kind of sad though that she had to wait until she was 69 to finally be comfortable in her own skin and come out.

I think the argument is that the teacher might be approaching the age of retirement soon; people on both sides of the argument might be considering that if they act too hastily to (drum out someone who’d retire in a year or two anyways)/(support the career of someone who has only 1-2 years left in it) then they might shoot themselves in the foot by setting a precedent for the next transgendered teacher.


Excellently done calling-out, my applause to you.


Whoooooooooooo the fuck cares.

Not I.

Transsexuality, homosexuality, heterosexuality, necrosexuality, I do not care. Whatever any number of consenting adults want to do with themselves and their bodies is absolutely none of anybody’s god damned business. If you do not enjoy it, do not do it. If the thought of others doing it bothers you, ignore it.

Why, why, why, why in the name of the sweet holy mother of FUCK would, should, could, did, does any single person on the face of the Earth give a rat’s ass about this sort of thing? I must know. I must find the psychosis that pervades the minds of the masses which causes them to care about the personal lives of people they don’t know for no perceptible reason whatsoever. I must find it, and I must smash it, so that these poor people can live their fucking lives in peace without idiotic self-righteous nosy pieces of shit having the temerity, the motherfucking balls, to wander up into their lives and demand that they change things that affect precisely nobody but that single person alone.

FUCK OFF, you ignorant worthless shitmongering cunts. Go live your own life by the standards you choose, that you have absolutely every right to establish for yourself, and as soon as anything I, your neighbor, this teacher, eighteen people in Tennessee, or anyfuckingbody else does actually affects you in any way, shape or form…THEN you can ask us to change it. Until then, I humbly present you my cock. Feel free to make a personal decision to suck it.

Please, I beg of you, will somebody give me anything resembling a reason why we need to be having this discussion? Why is this even an issue?

This does not compute.