Shop class no no’s Shorts, long hair and giant prosthetic boobs?

Distractingly large prosthetic boobs on a trans shop teacher who also wears shorts and long hair wig while teaching high schoolers how to use power tools. Seems like an accident waiting to happen.

Call me extremely skeptical but the only places reporting this that I can find are the Daily Mail (a UK tabloid big on sensationalism and light on facts), right wing sites commenting on it, and some sites I’ve never heard of (and social media). The lack of any reporting from anything mainstream is a MASSIVE red flag.

Other than it being rather grotesque, I don’t see the difference between huge boobs and a huge gut when operating power tools. The main thing is to keep your mind on the task at hand; distraction is the real danger.

Assuming this isn’t an Onion type story, what if a she-he trans had a huge prosthetic penis where the head, shaft, and veins were printing like that? Or what if this person had a prosthetic vagina where the clitoris and vulva were printing through their pants? At what point are these clods told they are going too far?

The big boobs aren’t nearly as much concern as the loose long hair. Long, unruly beards are also a safety concern around power tools.

There might be situations where height/position could be a factor.

I’d just like to quote the above post in full since it seems no one but me and Atamasama have read it.

Massive red flag because why, it’s too outrageous or comical for a transwoman to do such a thing? You expect the NYT or WAPO to report on it before you accept it?
You think someone is putting words in the mouth of the district school board President

HDSB Chair Margo Shuttleworth told the Toronto Sun that staff are looking at ‘going through creating a safety plan’ to ensure the Oakville Trafalgar High School teacher’s security as they prepare for potential protests when the school opens for classes Monday.

I expect more than tabloids and social media, yes. Not the NYT, but maybe a reputable local Ontario paper? (Not a tabloid like The Sun.)

Im not saying it’s total bullshit, even tabloids sometimes have real news, but I’m skeptical.

I would say a teacher wearing a humongous boob prosthetic with prominent nipples in class is a distraction.

I’ll also mention that the Daily Mail’s source is “Reduxx”, which is a TERF web site.

Also, the video posted to Tik Tok was posted by Libs of Tik Tok, an extremist right wing activist account known for harassment campaigns and has even been investigated by the DOJ.

I’m open to this being legitimate, but I’m honestly trying to find anything that’s not coming from extreme right wing sources and I’m struggling. Maybe that will come later if controversy grows around this.

Toronto Sun. Not exactly an extreme right wing source. Tabloid sized paper to be sure, but they do have actual reporters, and run actual stories. They’re not exactly a “Bat Boy Eats Own Foot” kind of newspaper.

They seem to have confirmed this with the school itself.

Clearly a fake shop teacher. That person has all their fingers.

They gave their reason. The article seems to mostly be appearing in sources with a certain political bias. Basic media literacy tells you not to believe something until it is reported in more neutral sources. And, even then, you multiple corroborating sources before you believe a story.

You literally linked something from the Daily Mail, a tabloid and very disreputable source. They’ve reported a lot of things that tend to be false.

@Atamasama was doing their due diligence as an ignorance fighter. It’s silly to mock them for it. Frankly, you should have done what they did before making the thread.

Fair enough, I was not familiar with it and it was described as a right-leaning tabloid. But I’ll take your word for it.

Good grief you sound sad. It’s true this story is prime tabloid fodder the likes of which will not be making headlines at any neutral (whatever that may be) news source. So what it was picked up by the Daily Mail and the Sun, with an abundance of context and verifiable sources I might add. And frankly you should not make assumptions about what I did or didn’t do before posting this thread.

For one, a neutral news source is not, which is a dedicated TERF web site, and it was the source that Daily Mail was using for the article.

And I was careful to not call it bullshit because I couldn’t tell if it was or not. But when people with an open agenda (a far right activist one) seem to be the only source for a story, yeah, I’m gonna be skeptical.

For me a neutral news source could be Reuters which most likely will not be reporting on the questionable and provocative behavior of a trans shop teacher.

I think you may have been looking for terfs because you found the subject matter distressing.

Not even that, any sized Woman going braless under a thin tee shirt and wearing shorts and a long hairstyle would get kicked out of a woodworking shop. Or like my SO has done is give them a shop smock and make them tie back their hair. Regardless of her personal identity.

For the sake of clarity, I’m wondering who is being pitted here? The teacher? The school board or the principal for not enforcing adequate shop safety measures on the teacher? Not the screaming public, surely.