"Jesu, Joy of Man's Desiring" ...

… on the world’s longest marimba.
This is too cool.

Agreed! I love the ambient forest sounds, too!

I love the one comment, “Whoa.”

I wonder how long that took to set up?

That was great. I’ve always liked “Jesu, Joy”–I’ve sung it before in choir, and played it on my flute, but that is something. Thanks for sharing!

Wow! Just … Wow!


twicks, ya gotta modify the thread title so the Long Xylophone/Rube Goldberg factor is touted - very cool, but folks might not know or care enough about Jesu (and shame on them) to click on the thread title…

They get it on mouseover. And if they’re too lazy to mouseover … they don’t deserve to see that excellent cool video.

That’s so cool! I love the little side bits that play the faster part. (Yeah, I know nothing about music and don’t know what to call it.)

Such a pretty piece of music. We had a pretty secular wedding, but this was the processional, just because it’s gorgeous music.

It’s moments like this that make me proud to live in Japan. I will recommend and forward the hell out of this. Which is only fitting, considering the source material :wink:

I gotta wonder what the trees were thinking… Was it some kind of ‘Harold’s being EATEN!!’ moment? Were they terrified that they were next? Or was it some kind of ‘Look who’s come back from the city looking all fancy!’ kinda moment?
Cool video. I wonder if they ever tried it as a canon, sending a second ball down 16 notes into it…

Aww, curse my employer’s internet filter. I will have to check this out when I get home.

Amazing! I hope all their work wasn’t destroyed by the Tsunami.

Looks like a wisp of cigarette smoke at 2:24

Because this ad is so cool, I want that phone.

Sort of an odd arrangement. I wonder if they were able to calculate the geometry programatically or if there was a ton of trial and error involved? Probably some of both.

The phone looks pretty sweet. It may be the first phone I have seen that has ANY sort ergonomic consideration in its design.

If you mean the thread mouseover, that just says that it’s a “marimba”, whatever that is. If you mean the mouseover for the link in the OP, that says even less, being to a URL shortener.

Jesu was my grandfather’s favorite Bach piece (and he loved just about everything Bach ever wrote). He would’ve really enjoyed this. Thanks for posting it!

… or it could be CGI’d, or the music dubbed…

Really? You don’t know what a marimba is? Huh.

Hmph. The time is ragged.