Awesome flash mob scene

Not much to say except I thought this was great (music-related; hopefully it hasn’t already been posted, but it’s hard to know what to search for).

Oops - link got screwed. Let’s see if this works.

Thanks for that.

Okay, that’s officially my favorite flash mob video or rendition of Ode to Joy ever.

Yeah, I actually teared up a bit watching it, which is really not very like me. Sorry for the bad link in the original post - glad to see I’m not the only one who appreciated it.

I thought is was going to be “Visa: Everywhere you want to be”, but instead it is “130 years of Banco Sabadell”. It is a nicely produced video, regardless.

That is cool. That’s one of my favorite songs. There’s some great reaction from the crowd too.

Yeah, at first I was a little uneasy with the fact that it was done on a big budget with multiple cameras for a promotion, but it was so cool I overcame it.

I love the kids who are dancing and fascinated by it, which I don’t think was completely scripted.

(And you just know that somebody called and complained about the noise.)

Same here. Thanks for sharing.

The pollen count must be high today.

That was wonderful. Thanks!

That was great.

(It doesn’t really feel very flash-mobby to me. Adding instruments as a song progresses isn’t particularly novel. But the presentation was awesome.)

Hanging around to take a bow afterward seems to violate the flash-mob convention of instant dissipation, too.
Then again, I doubt there are rules to this.

Great video. Thanks for sharing!

That was wonderful. Thanks for linking.

Gorgeous. It doesn’t make much to make me cry like a baby, apparently. Thank you!

Also the audience seems quite clued in that (nearly?) everything is going to happen that happens, also not flash mobby.

Is there a word in English for “Even when you know what’s going to happen because you’ve seen it before, you’re overwhelmed with the sense that maybe, just maybe, the world isn’t a sucky place, that possibly it can be filled with moments of connection and beauty and joy and innocence?”

Cause I need that word.

And I need a tissue. Again.