Best flash mobs

I don’t think we’ve done this for a while, but what are you favourite flash mob videos? Of course, the best are choreographed and rehearsed, rather than spontaneous, like these two that I like:
The USAF Band at the Smithsonian
A Cathay Pacific flash mob at Hong Kong Airport

I’m very grateful to the Internet for allowing me to see scenes like these!

Yeah, the AF Band is my favorite.

And mine is The Hallelujah Chorus from Handel’s Messiah.

Merry Christmas!


I love this one and keep going back to it.

Ode To Joy.

I watch this one whenever I want to smile and be amazed at the same time. It’s awesome that they pulled it off with so many people.

do re mi still tops the list for me

None of these are flash mobs.

They are what Improv Anywhere calls experiments, or what some people call smart mobs.

I did say in the OP that they could be “choreographed and rehearsed”. That’s not the original meaning of “flash mob”, but it’s what the term has come to include.

And thanks for those great examples.

I’ve wanted to do Improv Anywhere’s “No Pants Subway Ride” for years, but Boston is fucking freezing in January and I know I’d catch pneumonia.

Several have been organized for Les Miserables (appropriately enough).

My favorite of these is when all a mob of people show up at a Best Buy, all wearing bright blue Polo shirts and khaki pants.

And the security guard calls the cops!!!

Granted that it’s choreographed, my favorite is Antwerp Station Sound of Music. Possibly because it’s the first one I ever saw.

Here is a fun “smart mob” (or promotion, or whatever it’s called :D) set up by David Garrett in NYC.

All of the links that I can find now have videos of low/bad resolution, but my personal favorite flash mob is the group that invaded a clothing store and danced to MC Hammer’s “Can’t Touch This.”