2012 Olympics Opening Ceremonies [live commentary on British time]

Just started.

Opening with Jerusalem, perhaps the only hymn I know the words to.

Did someone say “mattress” to Mr. Lambert again?

Ha! Exactly what I was thinking! :stuck_out_tongue:

Rather boring so far. I mean I find the history of the industrial revolution fascinating but it really lacks the visual punch that we expect in opening ceremonies. Though the industrial towers rising out of the ground were quite cool.

I’m liking the sets. The Industrial Revolution is going on a bit, but I’m enjoying the visuals (between working on my data).

Five rings to rule them all, five rings to bind them…

THe rings are very nice! :slight_smile:

Well, I don’t know, and possibly the 6 beers I had in a beer tasting just before the ceremonies began are not helping, but what I am seeing is better than any LSD trip. So absurdly glorious… I have no words.

This is a very memorable occasion, if only for the bizarreness of it!

The Olympic rings are really cool too but really the whole industrial revolution choreography was incredibly silly and amateurish.

SO: ‘Oh, the dogs are so cute!’


And now James Bond meets the Queen!

With patriotic helicopter!


HA! I didn’t see that coming! And HRH looks pretty good after her jump!

The NHS? Seriously?

Tubular Bells and … nurses pushing gurneys?

Well, why not? After what I have seen so far nothing surprises me anymore.

Jazz nurses and kids jumping on hospital beds! Indeed, why not?

My goodness…

Yep, as someone memorably said ‘it’s about as close to a national religion as we get’. Plus it ties in with the children’s books and children in general. And it’s a bit bonkers.

Go JK!

I…I don’t get this.

Enjoy your unholy nightmares, kids!


of course! Whenever I think of the Olympics, the very first thing to pop into my mind is the NHS.
I assume that everybody else in the whole world who’s watching right now is really more interested int eh the NHS than in the athletes.

as they say at Fark.com : “after that, things started to get weird”