Olympics Closing Ceremony Watch-along thread (UK)

Watching now, don’t ask how.

Timothy Spall as Winston Churchill. Cool.

Timothy Spall as Churchill!

What’s with the paper-covered vehicles?

Stomp, how cool!

Madness! Yes!

Michael Caine counting down to Madness. This is fun!

The more batshit insane this is the better!

“You were only supposed to blow the bloody doors off” - with a Del Boy mash-up, love it :slight_smile:

What have I missed (aside from the The Italian Job reference)?

I wonder if the whole crowd was singing along to “Our House”. Grand British tradition of singing in pubs.

I agree 100%. I was finally able to watch the opening ceremony and loved the lunacy of it. This will be even more so!

Reference to a classic Only Fools and Horses episode :slight_smile:

God no, it’s One Direction. Nobody tell **Voguevixen **they’re on!

Paper-covered vehicles, Stomp playing the Eye (yes, hanging in the air), tens of thousands of people singing along to “Our House,” Timothy Spall as Winston Churchill…

Who’s this boy band?

I lose guy points for crying during Madness.

I’m not really the target audience for One Direction, as I’m not a 12 year old girl.

They do have very attractive hairstyles, which I suppose is the point.

I think I’m too American and too old to realize who some of these performers are.

What were the Pet Shop Boys wearing?

I think Stomp keeps the remaining metal trash can factories in business.

No one expects the PSB inquisition.

I wish I had a watch-along cheat cheat. That gymnastics troup was great.

Ray Davies singing “Waterloo Sunset” - the first time I’ve heard it.