2010 Olympics Closing Ceremonies

Anyone watching?

I came in late, but I’ve ‘rewound’ the DVR and I’m watching it from the beginning, about ten minutes ago.

Nice little poke at the Opening Ceremonies.

I couldn’t tell what the snowboarders spelled out. Was it Sochi? I thought I saw an o - u g -h but that can’t be right. Maybe it’s time for a new TV.

I don’t know. They cut away from the overhead angle in the last second.

Actually… I kinda dig the Canadian sweaters.

Who is that cutie that is singing?

Eva Avila, winner of the 2006 Canadian Idol.

And… I’m now watching live.

Gawd, our athletes honoured us by their performances, but I hope the quality of the ceremony improves, this is fekking lame.

I’ve always liked the Russian National Anthem.

Aaaaaahhhhh! The Prisoner! :eek:

What did they do?

[Sorry about my last. It was just those Rovers rolling around…]

The poke at the OC was the technical glitch. Some pyrotechnics depicting a fizzle, and then a mime cones out of a hatch in the floor and dramatically picks up a couple of leads and plugs them together. Then the fourth pylon rises into position. :stuck_out_tongue:

For those who care, that was a real opera singer, Ben Heppner, to make up for Don King in drag at the opening ceremonies.

Going back to the street parties!!

Heh. Look for a spike in sales of Long May You Run.

Neil Young. Woot!


Ladies an’ gennelmen… The Shat.

‘You’re about to see every stereotype people have about Canadians.’

I just posted this in the other thread; the montage of Canadian Olympic athletes apologizing just about had me rolling off the couch. :slight_smile:

And…a flying moose!

This is so tongue-in-cheek. I love it.

Giant! Inflatable! BEAVERS!

But the lumberjacks were just OK.

Looks like I picked the wrong week to give up dropping acid.